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need Sweet 16 luau party help for this summer.?

hey! i'm having a sweet 16 luau party. very hawaiian/tropical theme. i need party ideas! fast! please help.

about my party:

this will take place early august in nj. it will be in my backyard with about 20 people. where we live about that time of the year, the sun goes down around 8 o'clock. the party starts at 4 and ends at 11.

what will take place:

the limbo

hoola hoop contests

relaxing by the pool


silk flower leis

painted shells with guests' names on them

grass skirts

flamingo or palm tree table covers

beach balls



blow up palm trees

plastic fish bowls filled with water, sand and rocks with a flower on top

tiki torches

beach chairs


straws with umbrellas in them

aloha banner

palm tree center pieces

luau confetti

disposable cameras!


plastic silverware with a tie and flower around each


plastic tiki cups where i can write the guests' name on

fish net to drape around the back deck. here, there will be pictures of me growing up (mom & best friends are making me =/- what kind of pix should i pick out?), a list of all the guests names translated into hawaiian, pictures of hawaii, fake fish and shells...


fruit kabobs

hawaiian punch

virgin pina coladas

i'm making chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows and pretzels for dessert.

what kind of candy should i have there? i was thinking... air heads, gum, jolly ranchers, skittles, sour patch, sweet tarts, nerds, sweetish fish....

my invitation will be a cutout surfboard with the info on it.

am i missing anything? i want this party to really be perfect! even the littlest idea is appreciated!

need help with:

ideas about food

activities to do

decoration ideas


thank you!!

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    Had a luau for New Years Eve a few years back, we had an area covered in straw beach mats, which we purchased at the dollar store (all though you can also get them online). This is where everyone hung out in their bathing suit while they were eating, chatting, etc.

    We set up a photo booth of a surfboard (you can rent one or buy one) against a blue backdrop and people put on lei's, beach comber hats, hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, etc and had their photo taken as a souvenier, which they put in a photo frame made out of seashells at the party. We also purchased craft kits from Oriental Trading Company which included seashell boxes, leis, seashell photo frames, and starfish Hawaiian character pins.

    We set up a prize booth for prizes when you won games. The booth was decorated to look like a tropical hut. We used a table, and then we used wrapping paper tubes painted dark brown as tree trunks, and then cut out green construction paper palm leaves to hang over a carboard awning. This is where people went to pick up their prizes when they won a game, all though you could use it for other things as well.

    For food ideas, lots of snacks, blue jello with gummy fish in it is a great dessert, goldfish crackers served in sand pails (clean of course) is a great snack, gummy sharks and gummy fish are also great for snacks and candy. You have to have a cake, and we did a wonderful fish cake that we got from Family Fun's web site: it used Necco Wafers for the scales, everyone loved it. They also have a mermaid, and some other themed cakes you could use if you think the fish is too baby-ish.

    For music, look for luau party CD's at party supply stores. Some of the luau themed songs that we used included:

    Liliu E Lei Momi

    It's Just An Old Hawaiian Custom

    My Little Grass Shack

    Sweet Leilani


    Hawaiian Hula Eyes

    Little Brown Gal

    Hawaiian Wedding Song

    Beyond The Reef

    On The Beach

    My Yellow Ginger

    Hawaiian War Chant

    Lovely Hula Hands Lei Momi

    Aloha Oe

    The Hula Hoop Song

    I attended a luau party once that used other songs like Surfing USA, Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride, etc instead of traditional luau songs, and they fit the theme really well. I don't think that the latest techno and dance party music really fits with a luau theme, but that's up to you.

    We decorated with tissue paper pineapples and parrots, and we made three dimensional sea creatures on an ocean wall of blue crepe paper. The sea creatures were made out of card stock, double sided images, and we stuffed them with cotton to make them three dimensional. We suspended them in the air with clear fishing wire from Walmart, it made a really neat effect.

    Other decorations that we did was to use coconut cups to drink out of, use flower straws or tissue paper flamingo straws, we used tropical sunset themed napkins, we bought a hula skirt to go around the table, and we gave everyone in attendance hula skirts, purchased from Oriental Trading Company. If hula skirts are out of your price range, than you could purchase the straw beach comber style hats by the dozen on Oriental Trading Company.

    We paid a tropical luau bingo game with the word LUAU across the top instead of bingo. We got the cards for free, printed from DLTK-Kids web site.

    We got most of our items from Party City, dollar stores, and Oriental Trading Company (their website).

    We played tons of games, one of the favorites was using "crab legs" (a staple remover, the pac man style) blindfolded to dig out small plastic fish out of a big pail filled with packing peanuts dyed blue to look like water. You cashed in your plastic fish for tickets. All of our games used tickets and you cashed in your tickets for various prizes at the prize hut.

    Other games that we had included throwing ping pong balls into goldfish bowls, and if you were successful you won a bagged goldfish (a local pet store was happy to donate them, but if you can't get them donated, then you could always buy them at Walmart). There was a water balloon toss. We also made a bean bag toss game, by painting a giant box to look like a whale, and adding cardboard fins, and then we cut the front of the box off for the mouth, and added teeth, and took turns throwing bean bags into the mouth of the whale. There were many other games and activities as well.

    The list goes on and on. I have lots of photos of the decorations that we used, as well as a complete list of all the games we did, which included coconut bowling (complete with hula girl pins) and pin the monkey on the palm tree, so if you need more ideas, please feel free to e-mail me directly.

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    Hawaiian Themed Sweet 16

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    This Site Might Help You.


    need Sweet 16 luau party help for this summer.?

    hey! i'm having a sweet 16 luau party. very hawaiian/tropical theme. i need party ideas! fast! please help.

    about my party:

    this will take place early august in nj. it will be in my backyard with about 20 people. where we live about that time of the year, the sun goes down around 8...

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    Sounds like you have a lot planned already. You could do a cool photo op, like a surfboard and a pretty backdrop and people can stand there and get their picture taken.

    My friend had a tropical Wedding Shower and found alot of her supplies from Party City. Also look up Oriental Trading company online.

    For food you can't go wrong with a BBQ. Tropical infused dishes like coconut pineapple coleslaw, exotic fruit salad, and ham with pineapple would be really good.

    Get tiki lamps and have them around the yard. It'll look really nice when it's dark and they're lit.

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    It may be a hassle, but how about serving drinks in coconut & pineapple shells. Music: I recommend a bit of Elvis Presley & Don Ho along with the EDM. Food: maybe you can have a pig roast. Maybe not a WHOLE pig, but a pork roast. Poi. I'm not sure how the candy fit's into a party. Is it going to be in a bowl or are you giving it away as party favors? Omit the maracas, that's a latin American thing. Decorate with ukeleles too. My friends & I spin fire poi. We'd be glad to come perform. :-)

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    Big Lots has a lot of tikki, luau stuff for sale right now.

    Grass skirts, tikki poles, oil lanterns, coconut drink cups...

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    Wow, sounds awesome..sounds like you thought of everything! You could check out for cool decoration ideas and hawaiian candies. Have fun! for music, I'd check out what's on the latest karaoke cds, now 20-30..stuff on the radio!

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    best Hawaiian shirt contest with candy or something else as a prize Hula contest

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