Can Mac computers get porn viruses?

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I share an iMac with a roomate-- and I know he is on some unfamiliar ghetto porn websites (just kidding), but he does look at porn from some of the more "popular porn more
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
mac viruses are much rarer then windows (but do exist), however I have seen an increasing number of mac trojans that could still infect viruses.

However a trojan requires user interaction and needs to be installed, often people get trojans when some popup showing their computer is infected, a video doesn't work and requires you to install a "codec" to view and gives the address on where to get it, there are a number of more examples.

Now if any of those porns sites ask you to install something on your mac to view it, close it right away as it could be a trojan that infects your mac.

Also if by some reason you think you have any type of maleware on your mac, I would suggest an antivirus scan. Some free ones that exist for the mac are clamxav ( ) or iAntivirus ( )

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thanks everyone
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  • tinkterfer answered 5 years ago
    There are Mac viruses, though Windows viruses are much larger in number.
    Macs, like Windows PCs, can also slow down over time. With Windows, we call it "Windows Rot". With Macs...I have no idea.
    If you think you may have a virus, you can try ClamXav (free):
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