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what are all the Legal aspects of a foreign girl coming over to attend college here in US?

I am in a foreign relationship with a woman in china, I plan to go meet her this year or next an bring her over after after meeting all requirements. I have offered to her that her daughter in college who plans to comtinue her education in human Resources management, I said she could come here an attend a college here in the same town I live in an live here while going to college. like to see her daughter stay after college, looking for what neess to do done to do it all legally.

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    well, if you do file for your woman in China and bring her over, you wouldn't be able to file directly for her daughter unless the daughter was under 18 at the time of your marriage. the daughter could apply for a student visa and perhaps eventually get a work visa after college that would allow her to stay longer and maybe even get a green card based on that. or her mother could file a petition for her immediately after she arrives in the US. that would be valid about 5 years after it's filed. so, there are ways it could beb potentially done.

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    The daughter would have to prove she is financially able to pay for all her college expenses via bank book and other assets. It would be between $50,000 & $100, 000 per year. She would not be able to work.

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