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Arsenal fans.......does it worry you that we are playing Man.City next?

well i am a bit concerned about this game cause its very crucial.its an opportunity for Arsenal to escape 3 points further from Villa

1) Arsenal usually slips up whenever there is a clear opportunity to be grabbed and in the most substantial encounters.had we not lost to or drawn against at least a couple of all those teams we did ,we would have surely reached ,actually overtaken Chelsea and/or Liverpool and its those that got us in 5h position

2) Man.City is the LAST side we got beaten by and not just by 1 goal to nil but 3.who knows they might pull off a surprise at the Emirates as well, in the worse scenario,managing a draw cause a draw FEELS like a loss when you are playing at home even though we will have gotten 1 point

3) Van Persie and Bendtner are out, i think Fabregas will return but ,having Adebayor as our striker for Saturday's clash doesnt alleviate the situation (at least thats how i look at it). sluggish movements ,not in the mood for performing well thats how i would characterize him as a player.against Liverpool he was good but one mint performance doesnt help cover up how badly he performs in all the rest

i hope i am proved wrong and Ade scores for us on Saturday

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    even with RVP and bendtner out..

    eduardo- adebayor

    arshavin - fabregas - denilson - walcott

    still a class out fitt. we have depth for once.

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    Don't worry, what will happen will happen.

    1) Yes Arsenal miss clear opportunities but last month they have been very consistent, outscoring their opponents 10-2 in the last 3 games. Their confidence is rising and they know winning the Premier League is out of reach so they have the motivation to keep their 4th place position.

    2) You say Man City is the last team to beat Arsenal? Well since then, Man City only put up 18 points in the table, compared to Arsenal's 31. Manchester City have been very very inconsistent this season. At the Emirates, I don't think Arsenal will do bad.

    3) Robin Van Persie is a great striker, but there are some times where he misses perfect opprtunities to score. Bendtner has a scoring touch too, but he dribbles too slow. When Arsenal sets up a breakaway, it's ruined when he gets the ball because he's slow as a sloth. Adebayor has a great shot, but I agree, we won't see much energy from him. But I think it is an advantage since it gives more room for the attacking midfielders (Nasri and Arshavin). Also, I think Eduardo will at least be on the bench or starting, so Adebayor may not be alone. Fabregas will be back but I think it won't matter for the most part, but it just gives Arsenal more confidence since their captain is back and Fabregas wants to show he's healthy.

    However, the World Cup qualifying ended so that 1 week rest period could have been a make or break for the team. We'll see on Saturday. I hope this helps you :)

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    Chairman Peter Hillwood has already said that Arsene Wenger can be offered a lifetime contract if he (Wenger) want it, so there is no fear about being scared of it being his last season bcos even if Arsenal win nothing again he would still be there. My fear as an Arsenal fan would be the morale of the players who would want to look for new clubs if Arsenal don't win a trophy for the 4th season running.

  • Renan
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    that won't happen ! it's a revenge game ! we must win it,, they will be without Bellamy and Robinho.

    1. actually our players are getting confident,, so i bet that won't happen again.

    2. we have scored 10 goals in the last 3 Premier League matches. i'm sure they Arsenal will keep up the good work. it won't be a draw !

    3. we got Walcott and Fabregas back. that will boost up the squad. Adebayor is fully fit now,, he is ready to fire another goals !

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    Good reason you have given to worry about..but also consider the fact that Man city have played poorly in away games.Bellamy and Ireland are doubts for the game.

    and as Marky said for once we have squad depth.

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    Hey Xenia how are ya?

    We are playing good football now and the last game was when we were absolute rubbish! We should be able to win even if we are missing key players.

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    You're forgeting on e important stat we haven't lost to city at home for donkeys years and despite the draws we're on unbeaten run and still have lost only twice at home

  • Ted
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    Have a look at Man City's away form this season and that should ease your concerns =)

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    no not worried at all. man city caught us on during a bad spell, we'r on form now, and man city are crap away

  • 1 decade ago

    Im not worried at all...its simple

    We will win

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