called my post master and I was told that if their is no delivery to your address they will not come to your mail box to pickup out going mail.

How true is this and why do we have to buy postal stamps, are they being outsource or what.

My outgoing mail from yesterday was still in my mail box adding more

today and their are all important mail, all mail envelops sticking out of the mail box to show that their is a pickup mail. TBD

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    That is true, and has always been true. But if you called the post master, and that is what you were told, why would you think that person was lying? If there is no delivery to your house, they to not stop just to see if you have mail to go out. In some residential areas, like where I am, the postal delivery person walks from yard to yard, so is close to the house and would see mail that is going out, but that is not always the case, and it is not required. I prefer, if I'm not going to be home, to either bring my mail to work to mail it from there (I put a stamp on it), or put it in a mail box.

    The post office is not being outsourced. LOL

    If they are important... take them and mail them. How difficult is that?

    So the question about stamps is something totally separate? Or are you saying that since the mailman (or woman) didn't pick up your mail, you don't need stamps? That's rather ridiculous, considering you are probably quite capable of putting it in a postal mailbox, where you would still need a stamp.

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    If, for some reason, you cannot get to a mailbox or the post office, just ask a friend or neighbor. Since you obviously get mail, why not use the same source to send it out?

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    When you fill out your difference of deal with card, it is going to the CFS (Computer Forwarding System) of the Postal Service, damaged up into zones. for Northern california, it's in Sacramento. The knowledge is positioned into the process and the equipment (that's computerized) is now at the alert. When you mail is going for processing by way of the MSC (Mail Sorting Center) to your diistrict, while the desktop sees the ancient deal with, it kicks it out with the entire different mail and locations it in specific trays to be despatched to the CFS, in which the yellow forwarding decal is located on it. Inserted again into the mail circulation, the decal 9with the forwarding deal with) is learn by means of the desktop and now despatched to the brand new deal with. Now, the process isn't ultimate and matters cross unsuitable, that's why the mail provider at your ancient deal with is given a label to place on forwarding playing cards, to remind them that Joe Smith at 123 Main Street has installed a ahead. When they see this mail, they do a guide ahead of it to CFS, so it may possibly get into the process. General regulations: First magnificence mail is forwarded for a 12 months. Second Class Mail (magazines and newspapers) is forwarded for 60 days, with it eventualluy going again to the mailer for them to right the deal with. Third Class mail (the notorious unsolicited mail) is killed on the workplace and discarded (Third Class is treated in a different way and would possibly not honestly mail in into the mailstream as firstclass does). Fourth magnificence (publication golf equipment, documents golf equipment, parcels, media mail, and many others) is forwarded for a 12 months, however YOU ought to opt for up the postage as a remailing. Now, no longer ALL of you mail will get to you. Any letter bearing the comment ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED goes to get the forwarding decal located onto it and get back to the sender to right the deal with from ancient to new. They pay for that carrier. it's consistently advocated to told the ones important mailings (like fees and tax refunds) of your new deal with so it may possibly pass the process thoroughly. Also, for those who do too many actions in a 12 months, it may possibly rather reduce to rubble the process to the factor in which the process is not going to take delivery of any new forwards

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