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What Alternative Food For Guinea Pigs?

Hi, Im fairly new to guinea pigs. I got a list of questions to be answered.

Hay? Where do I get these types of grass when I live here in the Philippines and I guess Hays don't grow here. Is there any other grass (grass that can be found here in the Philippines) that are edible for the piggies and not harmful?

I have problem regarding the ants. I use wood chip and saw dust for my flooring and some ants are roaming around the cage. How do I get rid of these ants? (small ants but it bites.)

What good types of vegetables for guinea pigs? I feed them with broccoli and some lettuce. Is there any other good veggies for them?

That's all. I Hope you guys can help me. Thanks

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    Hello Congrats!

    1. Hay is very important to Cavies(Guinea pigs) it aids a healthy digestion. However fresh grass is a great alternative. I don't know of what grasses that grow in the Philippines,if you name them,I should be able o help! Most are edible to Cavies.

    2.Spray some disinfectant down,or use animal safe fly repellents. Essential oils such as Citronella or Lavender are very effective. Is there any way possible you can house them away from these ants?

    3. Broccoli is great,being high in Vitamin C. Ice-Berg lettuce has a chemical in it,which is a sedative & if accumulated it may become toxic. Brussels sprouts,dark leaved Cabbage,Bell peppers,

    Kale*,Spinach*,Carrots,Cucumber,Romaine lettuce,

    Endive,Parsley,Basil,Wheat grass. Fruits such as Orange,Apple & Tomato shouldn't be fed as a main meal as the acid in these foods can cause lip sores which are prone in Cavies. ** Kale & Spinach should not be fed more than twice a week as its high in Oxalates,having an even worse effect than Ice-berg lettuce,but they are rich in Vitamin C(Ascorbic Acid) so 1-2 times a week maximum.

    Hope I helped,if you need any extra help either post additional texts or email me privately. Good luck! xxx

    Source(s): Cavy(Guinea Pig) breeder for 9yrs,please visit my site for more information. I will add some suitable green foods list very shortly. http://Merlins-wood-Rabbitry-and-Caivary.piczo.com
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