What is the best way to make money online without affiliate programs?

Hi, my friend from high school is going through some rough times, and I'd really like to help her out. She asked me for a 20$ loan today to feed her cats so things are getting bad for her. A while ago, I ran across a blog detailing the different ways out there to make money online(online survey sites, signing up for trial offers, etc) but I cant seem to find the right link. Can someone point me in the direction of a reliable web page detailing legit ways to make money (no pyramid schemes) or the sites that offer these services themselves? Thanks

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    You can make money to sell your own product...

    But this is a little hard to do...

    I suggest you to try sell RR, MRR, PLR product...

    it is easy... just buy the lesen and sell it...

    you will get 100% benefit...

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    Affiliate marketing has been a way for many people to get started with an online business. The best part is that you don't need a website to start making money. It is also a learning process, so that you can see how other people are running their internet businesses before you get too far along with your own.

    The first thing you will do is to take a look at whose products and services you have already purchased. Most likely there is at least one that stands out as something you would be happy to promote. Contact the owner and ask about joining their affiliate program. Most of us offer an affiliate program after we have been online for six months or longer. It makes sense to have others promoting your products and services for a percentage of the profits.

    Then you can purchase a domain name for the exact product or service you will be promoting. Forward the domain name to your affiliate link so that you will receive the credit when someone makes a purchase. Try to choose a domain name that has one or two keywords in it, so that it will make sense when you use it.

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    Individuals looking for a new job are normally trying to find higher pay, better benefits or an even easier commute.

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    This can be useful to somebody such as permanent worker wishing to make additional cash to cover the regular monthly bills more comfortably, or a retired male wishing to much better utilize his spare time. Do not worry, others can benefit, teens who desire some pocket change for their daily activities or mothers that need to remain at home£house to care for their kids.

    With this site you can get up to $500 for a study, you simply require time, pacience and a PC with internet connecion, that easy.

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    theres a website that lists a bunch of websites that you can make money on for free. all you have to do is write a short article about anything u want and u get most, if not all the proceeds.

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    Go here. Read, learn and apply.


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