What is the weather like in Lebanon this time of year?

I might be going on a trip to Lebanon in the next couple of weeks and I want to know if I need to buy clothes for the weather. Is it cold? I don't have many coats and such because I live in a hot climate. Is there any rain?


Beirut/ Dbayeh / Brummana / 3aleeh

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    The weather is great this time of year, warm in the morning with some sunshine but not too hot (18 - 20C) and cool in the evening (12-15C). In the mountains (Brummana and Aley) it's cold in the evening (10C)...it's not rainy anymore, it could rain for a short while once or twice from now till end of April but nothing to worry about.

    So you don't need a coat, a jacket will do and get spring/autumn clothes...like tshirts with long sleeves (no sweaters needed)

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    Perfect timing !! It is spring time in here so the whether is moderate but a bit hot especially in beirut ...if u go 2 Aley or Brumanna, you might need a thin jacket or a shirt with long sleeves at Night so that u dnt get cold from the cold breeze :o)

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    A typical day in Beirut....


    Feels Like:66°

    Barometer:29.97 in and steady


    Visibility:2.49 mi


    Wind:SW 13 mph

    Sunrise:6:23 am


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    It depends on where your going in Lebanon. The weather channel is a great site it breaks it down day by day and place by place. In Ash-Shuwayfat it seems nice. cloudy with the wind blowing

    Hope this helps!


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    mercury strugglin to get below 30'c

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