Would you please comment on my favorite "J" names?

These are my favorite I names, with reason why I like them. Also, I starred my top names.

Jaclyn- I couldn't ever use this name because it's too common for me, but I do think it's pretty and elegant.

*Jade- I REALLY love this gem name, it's so pretty, stylish, and cool, but it's becoming WAAy too popular, and people keep butchering it (Jayde, Jaden, etc.)

*Jane- People always think plain name when they think of Jane, but for some reason, I've always had the image of a pretty little girl with curly brown hair and blue eyes with thick eyelashes for Jane. If I were to use this name, she'd be called Jane Aileen.

Jetta- I really like Jett for a girl, but it's not feminine enough for my taste,so I thought Jetta was cute, but everyone keeps telling me it's a car (lol i know nothing about cars I didn't know that) so nobody likes it. But it is a really pretty name and, just like Mercedes, it was a name before it was a car.

Jack/Jackson- Though I think both of these names are super cute and handsome, they're becoming very trendy.

*Jason- This is my number one boy name!! It's my dad's name and I've planned on naming my first son this forever, but my fiancee has a first cousin with this name, so there'd be 2 Jason Ingles,so I'll probably use it as a middle name.

Jethro- I really love this biblical name. It's creative, and very unused, but unfortunately most say they think of the Beverly Hillbillies character, though I personally don't.

*Josef- This is my second fave boy name!! I have always loved this name (not Joe or Joey though, just Josef), but I can't stand PH names, so I figured I could use another well-known spelling of Josef.

*Jude- This is another somewhat uncommon, but cute biblical name that I love. I would use this as a middle name (Reuben Jude).

Julian- This was another one of those things that I hadn't thought either way on until I read it in a baby name book a year or two ago, and I fell in love with it!! If I were to ever use it for my own child, he would be called Julian Henry.

Also, if you have the time, could you vote on my names list? No need to comment on it, I'd just like comments on the J names. The best way to try to get best answer would be to comment on each name.



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    I love your J names! J names have been an epidemic in my family we have a well loved grandpa named Jack and for some reason it created a J name obsession in our large family circle, so I tend to be a little tired of them but I often find myself thinking of unique and strange J names for my kids :) My Uncle named all of his boys J's

    Jeremiah Jack (nn JJ)

    Jason Howard

    Jared Nathaniel

    Randall James (James)

    Jacob Louis

    Jedediah Jack (eww)

    Warren Jackson (jackson)

    Jarron Guy

    and one of my aunts named all her girls J's







    and I have brothers named Leroy Jack, and Johnathon which is triumphant because Grampas name is John Jack and our family are the only ones with his actual names.. oh and my name is Jessica.. =)

    oh boy.. I know all of that was a little off-subject.. sorry I just love talking about names and my family =D

    so the bottom line is: I really like your J names

    oh and if I may ask.. I noticed the name Miri on your name list.. one of my favorite books heroine is named that. I could never figure out how to pronounce it. How do you pronounce it? It looks so pretty!

    Thanks for listening


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  • Pdub
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    1 decade ago

    Jaclyn- I like this name! I prefer it spelled Jaqueline, but I like it a lot. i have also heard Jacelyn (jace-lyn) and I think that one is a more unique but still pretty spin on the name. See, the problem for me it I love Jaclyn, but hate Jackie..and you know all Jaclyns get called Jackie.

    *Jade- Love Jade! I agree it is becoming too trendy right ow though. I like it as amiddle name more than a first, but I just think its gorgeous!

    *Jane- As plain as some people find Jane, I love it. i love it a both a first or middle name. I know a girl named Jane and she rocks it. I like it a lot.

    Jetta- Like you said, it is a car, and not a great car at that. At least Mercedes and Portias (other car names) are luxurious! I don't really like Jetta. Have you thought about Jemma?

    Jack/Jackson- I think its ok, but really trendy and getting very popular. I know 2 Jacksons under the age of 5 and I don't know many kids that age so 2 is a pretty high percentage.

    *Jason- LOVE it! I may be biased because my boyfriend's name is Jason though, and how can you not love a name if you love the person bearing it?

    Jethro- Hate it. Sorry, its just really not my taste. I mean, Im a country girl from Alabama and its still too hick for me.

    *Josef- Not fond of this either. I have never liked Joseph, and to me the spelling you have just makes it that much less appealing. Its not a horrible name, just not my favorite.

    *Jude- Love Jude. Always have, always will.

    Julian- I love Julian too! my boyfriend says its too "girly" for him to ever name a son Julian, but I really like it! Maybe as a middle name.

    So, my favorites are Jane, Jason, and Julian.

    I also voted on your list. Man was that thing long! Haha.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jade & Jane are nice. While you may consider it "butchering," I think Jayda or Jayna are also nice alternatives. My favorite girl's J name is Julia, classic, simple but beautiful. I'm not a fan of Jetta, just because, can't give a great reason. Jaclyn is nice and ITA with your opinion on that one.

    Jack/Jackson, Jason & Jude are all great! I love the name Jack, its one of those plain and simple names but it really works. You can imagine a little boy named Jack & an old grandpa Jack :) Jason is nice and I really like the name Jude but as a first name.

    Jethro, Josef & Julian are alright, but I none of them stand out as something "wonderful" IMHO.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jaclyn- Personally, I dont think this is a very common name.

    Jade- Its pretty

    Jane- I like Jane. Not many people use this name, so it would be original.

    Jetta- I think its cute,a little strange, but cute.

    Jack/Jackson- I like Jackson but not Jack. I know a little boy named Jackson, and he is just the cutest little thing!

    Jason- Too common

    Jethro- Sorry, but I dont like it.

    Josef- I like this, and the original spelling that you are using.

    Jude- Dont like it

    Julian- Eh, its ok.

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  • Jaclyn - Trashy ugly spelling of Jacqueline which I don't like.

    Jade - Beautiful name.

    Jane - Plain, dull and boring.

    Jetta - Ugly. Jett is a masculine BOYS name by the way.

    Jack - Love it.

    Jackson - It's ok but I prefer Jack.

    Jason - Great boys name. I love it.

    Jethro - Don't care for it,

    Josef - Really trashy ugly spelling of the lovely name Joseph.

    Jude - I like it.

    Julian - Nice boys name.

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  • 4 years ago

    For girls, I like Beatrice and Bronwen best! I've met cute little Bronwens before, and it ages well. Beatrice is beautiful, with a lovely literary history, and Bea is a cute nickname. For boys, out of your list, I'd pick Ben. Brett, Brendan and Brady are too trendy for me, and Basil is just ok...kind of reminds me of a cartoon mouse, but not so much a child, not sure why! Have you thought about Byron?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jaclyn - bot crazy about the name and that spelling is just awful

    Jade - too trendy

    Jane - love it

    Jetta - my first thought is Practical Magic (Aunt Jett) followed closely by VW. It's too weird for me.

    Jack - love it as a nickname for John

    Jackson - really hate 'son' names

    Jason - too many bad associations for me

    Jethro - oh yeah, very Beverly Hillbillies

    Josef - Stalin...

    Jude - I like this

    Julian - too femme for me (I link it too closely with Julianne).

    I like: Jane, Jack, Jude, Liesel, Lily, Levi, Madeline, Marta, Matilda, Molly, Nora, Olive, Oliver, Owen, Rosalie, Ruth, Riordan, Thomas and Violet from your list =)

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  • What about Jenni for a girl, maybe Jasper for a boy?

    Jade and jackson are very pretty names too

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  • Jetta is growing on me.

    Jason is a favorite of mine

    Jude is a good middle name, not so much a first.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry, but I'm not partial to any of the names you listed.

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