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TUCSON AZ residents - wats the job market like?

I lived in tucson a decade ago...can any CURRENT residents tell me how the JOB market is being effected there right now? (plannin to move back in june)


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    Tucson is doing MUCH better than Phoenix is. I read in the paper two weeks ago that unemployment here is around 6.3%, compared with over 8% in Phoenix. getting a job just depends on what field you are looking in. Construction and anything real-estate is obviously still bad, but other fields, like medical and engineering seem to be holding on fairly well.

    My sister just landed an accounting job at $42K last week. She spent about two months looking, and turned down stuff under $35K.

    Source(s): Live here.
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    It seems pretty stable right now. I have not heard of any major layoffs going on.

    The real estate market seems to be getting better. I've seen a lot more for sale signs going up.

    Haven't heard of any base closings that might affect DM. If you are an engineer, I hear Raytheon is hiring.

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