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will the pittsburgh pirates improve at all this year?

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    Yes, the Pirates will definitely improve!

    Of course, it's hard not to after last year. When I say improve, I say the will have a better record, but they won't do much this year.

    The problem with the Pirates is mostly their pitching. Ian Snell, Paul Maholm, Tom Gorzelanny (I know he isn't on the starting rotation this year), and Zach Duke have all had decent seasons at the MLB level......just not at the same time. It seems only one of their starters has a good season every year. And when the rest can't perform, they go to their bullpen early, which also was not good.

    Hitting, the Pirates aren't terrible. They have players that can hit. Nate McLouth, Ryan Doumit, Freddy Sanchez, Jack Wilson, and Adam LaRoche all had decent hitting years last year. It all depends on Nyjer Morgan, Branden Moss, and Andy LaRoche.

    I think they will improve, but they are a while away from the playoffs (or just a winning season).

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    No, it's the same roster that won only 68 games last year. And they don't have Nady or Bay ( the offense was respectable with those two.).The pitching is suspect, no bench whatsoever, and just who exactly is the right handed power hitter? The team and the organization flat out stinks. There are no mitigating circumstances. Their ability to stink is unique in its enormity.

    Source(s): A native man in the 'Burgh
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    no, the Pirates did nothing in the offseason to improve. anything other than a last-place finish in the NL Central will be a surprise.

    Source(s): Fair & Balanced
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    i think they will mentally they think they can do it and they had a good spring in that division is wide open 4 anyone i think this will be the year they break the 500 barier and go to the playoffs

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    I don't see any improvement and there is no way they will contend for a playoff spot this season.

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    No, they do not have the offense to produce the runs needed to win games, don't get your hopes up

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    No the will be dead last. if they don't lose 100 games I'd be surprised.

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