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can i put 2009 mustang seats in a 96 mustang?

where can i find replacement seats for a mustang?

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    I would head to the local junkyard for a set of used seats. I am not sure if you can change the seats from the 09 into the 96, but a ford dealer should be able to answer that question. I would think that they may. .

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    No, after 2004 the Mustang Seat layout changed, so they are not compatible. If you want to find replacement seats I recommend the site

    or you could use

    but all I could find was racing seats. You might have to go to a body shop to order seats..

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    well sure if they fit bolt holes and if they dont there is always a drill and longer bolts pretty much if the seat wil go thru door you can used them dont have to be just for a ford could used nissain or chevy or dodge pretty much what you like and it fits but most likey wil bolt right up

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    nope i tried already unless you do major mod to the new seat

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    With a hammer and a torch any thing will fit anywhere.

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    tricky aspect. search using google. it can assist!

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