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建築問題 ~ Pressure Test (漏水公式 )

permitted leakage(formule) = 0.02*d *l *t/24*P/10 litre

P是怎來的, 我知consultant / WSD是知,他是利用什麼得出?



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    Calculation :

    The permitted leakage of water from the pipeline during the

    pressure test shall be calculated from the equation:

    Permitted leakage = 0.02 x d x l x t x P litre


    - d is the nominal diameter of the pipe (mm)

    - l is the length of pipeline tested (km)

    - t is the test period (hr)

    - P is the average test pressure (m)

    但"P"只不過一個系數 (每一米可容許漏幾多升水), 因為"P"是要成反水管長度, 方可得出"可容許之漏水量" (就是幾多升水).


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    may be Ok

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