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Front Loading Washer

Feature key

60cm Diameter Big Drum

3-in-1 Low Vibration Technology

- Twin-action Suspension

- Five-ply Liquid Balancer

- Twin Vibration Sensors

DD (Direct Drive) Inverter

Nano Micell Shower by 2-way Cyclical Pump

Water-cooling Dehumidification


Nano Titanium Filter


in this presentation i will concentrate on two key areas :

firstly , let me introduce the feature of this frodust


lastly , this produst advantage .........



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    Today, I was requested as part of an assignment to give an introduction on this "state of the art" washing machine.

    It is a front loaded washer, usually referred to as the western style washer. Very common these days to find in modern homes.

    Suitable for many furniture/cupboard layouts, the colour and the shell is adaptable to most kitchen decorations. Being front end loaded, the top of the washer can be utilised for putting kitchen equipment and utensils, AMAZING isnt it??? I know its boring but I'm going to tell you more interesting stuff about it

    Moving on to the functions, "Feature key" allows you to use the washer conveniently, with "touch" of a button, the washer does all the washing and drying for you!!

    60cm Diameter Big Drum

    - Twin-action Suspension

    - Five-ply Liquid Balancer

    - Twin Vibration Sensors

    DD (Direct Drive) Inverter

    Nano Micell Shower by 2-way Cyclical Pump

    [HOT WASH] Mode

    Comes as standard I wont go into details............

    As well as the standard specification, there are

    3-in-1 Low Vibration Technology, which reduces vibration and noise

    Water-cooling Dehumidification- for drying purposes, it's quicker than most machines currently available in the shops

    There is a special feature on this machine, I have to tell you......

    Nano Titanium Filter.......Do u know what this is? well this basically filters out all the dusts, wastes from the clothes, you wont find this feature on any other machines, 90% of the dusts can be filtered out from your clothes as oppose to the normal capability of say 50%. If you got kids, this would be just right for you, from a science lab research recently, the use of this machine can eliminate infection of all kinds. Your mum or your wife will love you for this!!!!

    This sums up all the GREAT and wonderful features of this washing machine, any questions??? Does anyone want to buy a machine, I can help you buy one!!!

    Only joking....well, Q&A time, any questions?

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    If you can read out the complete text from my previous post, you should do very well for your presentation.

    Actually, are you doing a report or presentation?

    2009-04-03 11:25:06 補充:

    Put it this way, nobody including your teacher, no-one will ever know what a "Twin Vibration Sensors" does, also different manufacturers will have different meaning on this feature, so its best to keep it silent

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    *I can help you buy one!!!*

    Sounding like Honglish.

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    DD (直接传动)變換器




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