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Who would win this Extreme rules ECW match: The Gangstas New Jack and Mustafa or Cryme Tyme Shad and JTG?

Max Hardcore (born Paul F. Little on August 10, 1956 in Racine, Wisconsin, U.S.A.) is a controversial former male porn star and producer whose films usually featured him engaging in a variety of sexual acts with young women who dress and act like prepubescent girls [1]. He is currently serving a 46 month jail sentence for multiple obscenity offences

Although the actresses in Little's movies sometimes appear to be under the age of consent and even as young adolescents, it has never been proven that any of them actually were. In his film Max Extreme 4, an actress stated during one verbal exchange that she was 12 years-old[2]. It is suggested that he is a rapist and has committed rapes which were filmed and then distributed, e.g. the Rebeca Linares, Roxy Jezel and Neesa scenes.

Based on this movie, the city of Los Angeles in 1998 charged him with child pornography and distribution of obscenity. The fact that the actress was over the age of 18 was not disputed; they brought charges based solely on the fact that the actress was portraying a character who was underage. Just before the case was brought to trial in 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the statute prohibiting adults from portraying children in films and books was unconstitutional (See Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition). Based on this ruling, the child pornography charges against Little were dismissed. The misdemeanor charge of distribution of obscenity was retained, but the jury failed to reach a verdict. An additional obscenity charge was subsequently levied against him by L.A., again resulting in a hung jury. Little commented after the trial that, "It was a frivolous waste of public resources."[3]

On October 5, 2005, while Little was in Barcelona, Spain to attend an international FICEB Erotic Expo, the offices of Max World Entertainment were raided by the FBI. Five video titles and the office's computer servers were seized, ostensibly for research toward a federal obscenity indictment or a charge related to the 2257 record-keeping law. In the execution of the search warrant, one officer accidentally discharged their weapon into the floor of an upstairs office, as the housekeeper was being detained below. No one was injured. In response to this action, Hardcore released the following statement: "Once again, the government is wasting tax dollars and otherwise invaluable law enforcement resources to try to force a minority view of morality on all of America. Five of my movies have been targeted by the Federal Prude Patrol. There is no indication of any crime to be alleged except obscenity. If indicted, I will fight to protect my liberty, as well as the liberty of consenting adults to watch other adults engage in lawful, consensual, pleasurable sexual action. Shame on the Bush Department of Justice. I am proud of the movies I make and proud of those who buy and sell those movies."[4]

In 2007 Paul F. Little and his company Max World Entertainment, Inc. were indicted by the United States Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section on 10 counts of federal obscenity charges relating to 5 movies.[5][6] Little was subsequently found guilty on all charges,[7] and sentenced to 46 months in prison.[8] Though the convictions have been appealed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia,[9] Little began serving his sentence on January 29, 2009.[9][10]

As a result of the conviction, the internet domain MaxHardcore.com was forfeited


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    New Jack would probably cut Cryme Tyme from ear to ear, stab them a bunch of times, and then jump off a balcony onto both of them. Bottom line, Cryme Tyme would not be walking out after the match.

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    New Jack

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    Wow I'm somewhat in shock, you ask a wrestling question kindof. You sober?

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