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8th Grade History Class Essay?

In my 8th grade history class our teacher (Coach Tinker) tries to teach us life lessons and we put them in a section titled "Important Stuff". He said we had to choose one thing in the section we talked about and write an essay on it. I chose the Latin phrase Carpe Diem which means seize the day if you didn't already know that.

Please leave spelling corrections if you notice something is misspelled and any suggestions for adjustments such as synonyms for some mundane words I might have used.

Also, the first half is why it is the most important thing we have discussed and the second half is how it applies and affects my life.

And i spelled the Latin words correctly (Carpe Diem and tempus fugit)

The most important thing we have discussed in Coach Tinker's class is the Latin phrase Carpe Diem. This translates into English as seize the day. This means to make the most out of each day. Learning about the phrase Carpe Diem was the most important thing we discussed because it is an extremely motivating phrase to make a person live each day to its fullest potential. This means don't put things off for tomorrow when you could do them today. Carpe Diem ties in with the quote "life is short so live life now" and another Latin phrase, tempus fugit, which means time flies because you never know which day will be your last so live life while you can.

This applies to my life because it makes me think about my life and how i live it. Since I learned about Carpe Diem I have changed the way I look at what I do on a day to day basis and try not to do the same thing in a routine everyday. Instead, I attempt to mix it up and do things the help fulfill my life. I now know that if I do not seize the day I will not achieve all of the feats and goals that others and myself have set for me to accomplish. In conclusion, I now approach every new day with a more positive attitude, a desire to make to day worthwhile, and the intention to enjoy the most I possibly can out of the day at had all because I learned about Carpe Diem and apply it to my life.

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    Sorry, but you really need a lot of work in this little essay of yours. I suggest rewriting the whole thing over.

    From what I can read, all that you're doing is re-stating the exact same meaning of Carpe Diem over and over and over again.

    "I learned that Carpe Diem means seize the day. This applies to my life because you have to seize the day. In conclusion, I now seize the day."

    It's redundant, boring, repeditive and I KNOW it's going to bore your teacher to tears, believe me!

    Here's my advice:

    Re-introduce your essay by first acknowledging the other life lessons you have learned in your previous classes. THEN say that out of all of the things you learned, propose that Carpe Diem is the most important lesson you have learned, and best of all, WHY does it mean so much to you.

    There's a big difference between:

    "The most important Carpe Diem"

    and being crazy descriptive saying:

    "There are many different lessons that we learn throughout our lifetime that give us greater perspective on our lives and the way we live them. For example, [provide examples here]. But out of all of the many words of wisdom we have recieved, the Latin phrase Carpe Diem is the one that truly stands out."

    When you take on this position of Carpe Diem as the best lesson learned, it'll impress your teacher if you can also acknowledge the other options you could have chosen--and why your position is stronger than the others. In Layman's terms, you have to prove in your essay that your position is the RIGHT one, or better yet, the BEST one. It's having an infallible certainty and passion in your answer that really makes teachers give you full marks.

    One of the greatest things you have got to do in this essay is to provide plenty of real life examples to your reasons. Instead of saying "It makes me think about my life and how I live it", or "...changed the way I look at what I do on a day to day basis and try not to do the same thing in a routine everyday" (Which, once again, is the SAME thing!) Why not talk about something that actually led you to do these things? Like going out with friends on a weekend instead of vegging out at home? Or bungee jumping off a cliff instead of sitting there watching someone else do it? Or being bold and asking someone out to a date instead of just standing there watching? These are all hypothetically speaking, of course; I don't doubt your experience in the least. But you've GOT to tell your teacher something about yourself in this case to really make this connection with Carpe Diem and yourself to the strongest.

    I'd also recommend that you take a bit of time explaining how you found that Carpe Diem ties in with the quote "life is short so live life now" and "tempus fugit." Did you also learn these from your class? If you did, you have to say so. I was thrown off course from when I read those.

    In your conclusion, when you say that you now approach every day with a more positive attitude, a desire to make today (I would change that to every day, not today.) worthwhile, you've GOT to provide more reason as to why you feel that way now! (Like I've said, the main thing you're really missing here are your real life examples and evidence behind your thinking.)

    And as someone who studied Latin previously, I wouldn't choose "Tempus Fugit" because in actuality it means time FLEES, not flies. If you have the option to change it, allow me to recommend to you "Tempus neminem manet"; Time Waits for No One.

    Good luck to you; I hope I was helpful and I wish you all the best in this essay and all of your future essays!

    Source(s): 11th Grade English IB Student, studied Latin in 9th Grade. ;)
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    Great so far. Just give more details. For example, describe exactly how you switch it up in order to seize the day. It's still kind of vague. What are some of the things you do in order to fulfill your life?

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    It should not read myself have set for me Instead it should I have set for me. I is the subject of that phrase.

    Source(s): 28 years as an educator
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