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Bring another dog in the house? How will my pit bull react?

I recently got a pit bull in november because we just bought a new house and I really wanted a dog. Just today we got a call from some old friends in Texas (now I live in Nevada) to whom we sold two white german sheperds a few years ago. The problem is they can't keep one of the dogs anymore and asked us if we wanted her back. Of course we would love to have her back but there are a few problems: first of all how will my pit bull react to a new female dog in the house? i've never put her in contact with other dogs before, except when she was in the pound a few months ago. Do pit bulls have a history of being aggressive toward other "new" dogs? The other problem is that it gets pretty hot in Nevada...do you think she would suffer here?


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    Two female dogs will be more work than if you got a male as your second dog.

    Some pit bulls are great with other dogs and love everyone (my female is like that), others not so much. My male dog is good with submissive female dogs and some male dogs, but if they get dominant with him he will bite (although I've never let that happen I can see that's where it would go). We have foster dogs coming in and out of the house all the time, but we generally keep the house sectioned into places for fosters and places for resident dogs to prevent any issues.

    It depends on how your dog is with other dogs. The other answerer that said to introduce them on neutral territory is exactly right. The last dog we brought home it took nearly 2 hours of walking to get the dogs walking close together and happy... patience is definitely going to be what you need! :)

    Take it slow, lots of patience... invest in a good baby gate so if you have to you can keep the two dogs separated. Would you be willing to keep two dogs in your house completely separated? That's something to consider, because if your pit bull doesn't like the German Shepherd you may end up needing to do that.

    Pit bulls and other dogs should never be left alone together, even if they get along all the time when you are there. They can get in a fight over the stupidest things and if you aren't there to say 'hey' it will go a lot farther than you wanted it to and you could come home to an injured or dead dog. All of my dogs are locked in different rooms when we aren't home, they are safe and separated.

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    Why oh Why did you not socialize that dog?? Introduce them on neutral territory and ensure that both have leashes on. Hopefully you have trained your pit bull well in all other aspects so you have some limited control where it will mind you. You are really just going to have to watch both dogs reactions very carefully.

    I really want to point out that it very well might end up being the German Shepard that has the issues with your dog. Please don't be blind to the fact that the other dog being brought into a new situation might be the one who is aggressive. If/When the pit bull responds back it isn't a fighter. It is being a dog protecting itself. Good luck if you decide to bring back the german shepard.

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    Pit bull or not does not matter. If you dog has never been socialized, the reaction can go many ways. The dogs could fight, be best friends, or neutral. Your best bet is to introduce them in a controlled environment. You should see a reaction right away

    I have a pit bull, and he gets along fine with other dogs. however, we have been socializing him since he was 7 months old.

    The heat shouldn't matter if you take the right precautions. Plenty of water, cool dry place, etc...

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    You certainly are not in manipulate of your puppy. She thinks that she has taken over as percent chief. She sees you as her estate and is telling the Beagle to stick away in view that you belong to the Pit. Do you in general cross on percent walks wherein the puppies a relaxed and submissive? Do you manipulate whilst play time starts and ends? Does your puppy burst via doors earlier than you? You will have to paintings on those matters in order that your Pit will quit being dominant in the direction of the Beagle. Have them be worn out out, calm, submissive, and on impartial floor whilst they're introduced again in combination once more.

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    You should introduce them in neutral territory(a park would work). Have them both on leashes, and let them take turns following each other a little ways away if no aggression then you can let them get closer, and eventually sniffing buts. For safety it would probably be best to have muzzles on them, it will not hurt them.

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    Because she is not socialized, it's hard to say. She may show aggression, or she may be submissive, or she may be your new dog's best friend. You should enroll her in puppy training classes and set up play dates with other dog owners. This way she can learn to interact with other dogs.

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