What Is Columbia, South Carolina Like?

I am trying to figure out where I want to live when I am done with school. Columbia seems to have the climate I am looking for but I am wondering, are there any areas that are a lot of fun and sort of ritzy in the middle of the city?

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    Come 2 hours more to the North-East, and there is always jobs, careers, fun, entertainment, growth, and lets not forget the advantages of being at the beach, bikini's! If you don't mind tourist once in awhile, learned the local places and back roads to deflect traffic, start at the lower part of the ladder, you'll be at the middle then top before you know it! I have been to Columbia, I have friends there, and my husband goes there from time to time to work (sub-contracting) and there is nothing there that any of us know. Now, we are all older then you, but here at the beach wet T-Shirt contests and happy hours and free entrance for locals has many advantages! Hard Rock Theme Park is re-opening in May, but with a different owner and different theme. But, if you are choosing SC, everyone comes here to get away from wherever else in the state you may be! Jobs are plentiful, homes are inexpensive, and I would have emailed you, but you have your settings closed, I am on your buddy-list, but when I moved here, I got a 3 bedroom, fireplace, 2 bath, all hardwood floors, lots of amenities, and I could see the ocean! I was one block away! for $600.00 a month! I got a room mate and charged him 375.00 and made out like a fat-cat, he worked 2 jobs, never saw him, and every weekend, I could walk to the beach, I was 2 miles of church, bank, grocery stores, my work, hospitals, etc.. a full tank of gas lasted me a month to 2 months! kid you not- I loved walked my dog in the winter (never really gets cold) and in the summer I put a harness on my prairie dog, and walked him on the beach (my ferrets sometimes too) I was single and I met so many people by having exotic pets, everyone going "oh, what's that" "where do they come from", etc.. hurricanes are not that bad, at least not since the big one 9 years ago, cost of living is very good, schools are bad for kids, but you have not got that far yet. There is lots off golfing, the golf-Capital of the east Coast, all the outlet malls, Tanger, and so many more, you can wear top brands at K-mart/Target prices! Anyway, if I didn't sell my city as the best place in SC. to be, then you obviously need to come on vacation to see for yourself! I love it here! Pool in backyard, and Marina a block or so away, watch yachts going by, it's the life, except for not having one! LOL! Have a good day, and good luck, if you decide to check it out go to myrtlebeach.com check out market commons, concerts in the park (it's free) and the house of blues, the Coastal Grand mall (largest one around in the state) and you can check out the commerce, and monster.com for career/jobs openings, use the zip codes 29572, 29577, or 29588 to locate, put within 25-? however far you are willing to drive?) I kept mine at 25, I liked being close, but I was a block away, so that worked out well, a ten speed would have done well enough, that's why my car is a 93' with only 80,000 miles, lol, walking distance has advantages! Good luck! Beaches are the best too! Columbia will never have that, at least not anytime soon!

    Source(s): Have friends there, spouse works there on occasion, and I have lived at the other place-for over 7 years.
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