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I wanna curl my hair like ashley tisdales?

Well I really like Ashley Tisdale's hair and I wanna curl it the same way that she does. I think it really looks pretty and I wanna have one like her's but in black not blonde. Suggestions on how to make my hair likes hers?


Oh and My lengh of my hair is medium - ish. Because its right on my arm pits so yeah. Its growing back to having my hair long again.

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    Ashley Tisdale from The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody always looks amazing; especially her hair! If you want to learn how to style your hair like her, read this article!

    Wavy Style

    Wash your hair with a curl shampoo (Herbal Essences Totally Twisted, Aussie Catch The Wave, etc.) or a volume shampoo if you have thin hair.Then condition.

    If you have frizz-prone hair, put in a frizz serum (John Frieda).

    Then put in some leave in conditioner and dry your hair or let it air dry.

    Once hair is ALMOST dry, apply mousse or a gel to use for scrunching. Then separate your hair into 5 sections, letting one down and pinning up the other 4 with clips. Then use the mousse/gel to scrunch hair, being sure to dispurse the products well. Then scrunch up your hair again and pin in up. Repeat with the other 4 sections.

    Then blow dry on cool until hair is totally dry.

    Take out clips and enjoy your new style!

    Curly Style

    Repeat steps 1-3 for the wavy style, but this time make sure your hair is completely dry.

    Then use a curling iron to create wonderful curls.

    Wrap hair around a 1" curling iron without using the clamp.

    Finger-comb the curls and enjoy your style!

    Straight Style

    Shampoo & condition your hair with straightening shampoo (Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight).

    Blow dry your hair using a paddle brush.

    Then straighten your hair with a flat iron.

    Enjoy your new style!

    [edit] TipsUse activating shampoos to enhance your style. Example for curly or wavy styles use curl activating shampoo or frizz calming shampoo. For straight styles use a straightening shampoo.

    Be sure to never use a flat iron on wet hair, unless it is a wet/dry kind.

    Always apply a heat protectent before and during you're using a flat iron so you don't get split ends or fry your hair.

    NEVER try to cut your hair in layers by yourself, sure Ashley has them, and it will turn out terrible if you do it yourself.

    Try to get wispy bangs not straight across your forehead.

    If you are looking for a line of hair products that was shampoos and conditioners fro these hair needs, Herbal Essences has a great frizz-calming shampoo/ conditioner (None Of Your Frizzness), a great curl one (Totally Twisted), a wonderful straightening one (Dangerously Straight), a volumizing one (Body Envy), and a cool moisturizing one (Hello Hydration). And many more!

    Get lots of layers and flip them with a curling iron

    Dye your hair blondish brown

    Get a nice summer tan-go to the beach! Like Ashley the dark blonde hair and tan skin.

    Get thin, lighter blond highlights and thick brown highlights, like two shades darker than your hair color!

    Die the underneath of your hair brown with blonde highlights and the top medium blond with the brown highlights.

    [edit] WarningsBe yourself

    With side bangs, it may take a day or two for you bangs to be trained to go to one side, so flat iron them then add a little hairspray and that should do the trick!

    Always show off!

    [edit] Things You'll NeedShampoo




    Hair dryer


    Frizz serum

    Leave-in conditioner

    Curling Iron

    Flat Iron


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    If only I knew =[

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