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What goes around comes around?

But, first, the new president is embarking on his first overseas trip

an eight-day sprint through Europe where he will have face-to-face meetings with many world leaders for the first time. One of those first meetings may be particularly awkward as the judicial system of Spain seems poised to indict a bunch of American officials.

Nice to meet you, Prime Minister Zapatero. How is it going with the plan to arrest Alberto Gonzales?

Yes, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is one of six Bush administration officials that a Spanish court is moving toward prosecuting for alleged violating international law when they created legal justifications for torture.

In addition to Gonzales, the complaint names former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo, John Yoo‘s former boss at the Justice Department, Jay Bybee, who remarkably is now a high-ranking federal judge. Also, Dick Cheney‘s former chief of staff, David Addington, former undersecretary of defense, Doug Feith, that was famously described by General Tommy Franks as, quote, “The f-ing stupidest guy on the planet,” and former Pentagon general counsel, William Haynes.

Now, Spain has decided to go ahead and seek these prosecutions because they are one of 145 countries who have signed on to the 1984 convention against torture. What countries signed up for when they signed that treaty was the responsibility, the obligation to investigate torture cases especially when one of their own citizens was allegedly abused. That is an obligation that Spain is taking very seriously.

The Spanish judge who is moving this case forward is the same judge who got the former dictator, Augusto Pinochet, arrested in 1998 while he was on a trip to London. Now, Spanish lawyers say arrest warrants in this current case involving American officials could be issued within weeks, maybe even within days.

What‘s the likelihood that our little American gang of six will actually stand trial in Spain? Well, according to the “New York Times,” quote, “It‘s a near certainty that the warrants would not lead to arrests if the officials did not leave the United States.”

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    Distractions are losing their "new car smell".

    How is Obama going to PAY for all his spending???

    Government spending is paid for 1 of 2 ways:

    1)monetizing debt ("printing" money) which leads to more inflation (=each dollar bill has less purchasing power)

    2)higher taxes & new hidden taxes (carbon taxes, etc)

    Well since taxes won't even begin to cover TRILLIONS in new spending, option one is being used to the max.

    Now I want you to watch this 60 minutes interview from 2007. In it, the former comptroller general (nation's top accountant) says the United States government is bankrupt and that if it were a company if would have failed by now. He also says that at CURRENT spending levels (2007 levels) the U.S. govt. could only afford to pay social security and some medicaid by 2040.

    Youtube thumbnail


    Since then we have passed $1 trillion in bailouts, nearly $1 trillion dollars in "stimulus", and Obama has proposed AN ADDITIONAL $3.5 trillion budget.

    Now if the comptroller general thought the U.S. couldn't afford to pay for Bush's prescription drug bill (from many years back), HOW is Obama going to pay for all this new spending???

    He'll either have to raise taxes to levels undreamed or hyperinflate the dollar attempting to monetize more debt.

    Source(s): Calling me "uneducated' doesn't make you smarter by any stretch of the imagination. You're still blaming Republicans. This TRANSCENDS party. The banking elite runs the show. YOU STILL DIDN"T MENTION INFLATION.......DO YOU THINK IT MAGICALLY DISAPPEARS?? HOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS WITHOUT TAX INCREASES OR HYPERINFLATION????? HMMMM
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  • 1 decade ago

    Water over gold is obviously very uneducated. looking back on history has shown us that only massive government spending has been the only thing to ignite economic recovery. case in point FDR. recently, republicans have condemed FDR and the new deal citing the economic downturn shortly after it was instated. Close examination will yeild that only pressure to repeal reform (spurred by the politically motivated right wingers) caused a relapse in recovery from the great depression. Frankly, the main reason behind nearly every economic slump in the past has been caused by republican influence. Massive tax cuts have been shown to be the roots of many past ressecions. Republicans need to realize that they were voted out of power for a reason and they need to start shutting the eff up a little.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Even if these individuals are not arrested, it will be a symbolic move. It just shows that America can't just do whatever it wants, break international law, and defy the codes of the Geneva Convention. Besides, the guys will probably leave the country eventually.

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