Who is James Johnson and why is the outcome of his trial important? What does it mean?

Can anyone help me out? I would love it if someone can give me a short response of no more than a paragraph answering this troubling question. Thanks.

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    Daniela, James Arthur Johnson is a young man from Wilson, NC.

    An interesting case, he served almost 3 and a half years in jail without a trial, held for a murder he did not commit.

    In fact he turned the murderer in to police.

    Her killer is now serving a life sentence for her death.

    Johnson, 22, entered an "Alford plea," meaning that he acknowledged the evidence was sufficient to convict him and that he considered a guilty plea to be in his best interest, though he did not admit that he was actually guilty.

    Wilson Superior Court Judge Milton F. Fitch Jr. said that Johnson was "overcharged" when he originally was accused of murder and rape in Willis' death.

    He said it was clear that Johnson became involved in the case only after Willis was killed.

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