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Did Israel ever kill any innocent Palestinians before Hamas was created/started shooting rockets?

This is what keeps me wondering. Even before Hamas was created, Palestinians were oppressed, and many were killed. Don't these people have the right to resist? Did Israel care when it killed some of their innocent children? It took Palestinians 52 years to build Hamas and finally attack and resist. Now, I disagree with Hamas's tactics, but isn't Hamas a consequence of Israel's terror on innocent people?

Why do Palestinians or Hamas hate Israel so deeply?

So, it's ok for Israel to kill their Palestinian babies before the threat of Hamas (Who use homemade weapons), but when Palestinians fight back 52 years after their oppression, you condemn them and not Israel?

I just want your opinions on this. This is what keeps me Pro-Palestinian. Due to the fact that I see innocent babies murdered in their own homes with their families. What threat did the baby have to an armed soldier?


Scroll down to "Other Israeli Incidents against Palestinians"

And it will show the murders, some of them in the families on homes.

I mean, if that was your family, wouldn't you do everything you can to resist and get the best for your family?

No one wants to live in such oppression.

And please don't give me any crap of how terrible Hamas is, I already know their cruelty.

But if killing innocent is considered being a terrorist. Than Israel's terrorism has caused the growth of Hamas terrorism.

Update 2:


Update 3:

Nevo: Find then, send me the link to the Palestinian section and I'll leave. (:

Now please stop being an airhead. (:

Update 4:

bubakkee: I know, it's sad. Let's just hope that it won't resort to that.

Charlie :Yeah, I know that already. But is that still an excuse to kill innocent civilians? People live on that land, you can't walk in and kill them and their children.

Update 5:

SARA: Yeah, thanks. I can see how one little question can piss them off.

And NONE of them DENIED it, and no one answered or gave me an opinion yet. I'll wait.

Update 6:

GORKBAK: Thank you soo much, your answer means a ton to me. Mind if you message me those sources? I'd love to have them on hand. I'm pretty sure they would clear things up in my mind's confusion.

Update 7:

Nada: Thankyou for your insight.

Sheila: Then maybe Israel should have thought of that and figured that if you kill people, there are consequences. Yeah yeah yeah, even with the 52 years without Hamas, they were oppressed. Don't bring Hamas as an excuse for oppression

ERIC M. : Yes, and what comes with wars? Hatred. It's natural. I don't know about the dictatorship thing, but it's an interesting insight, mind emailing me about it? It might affect my perspective in some way.

Update 8:

SHEILA: I'll agree with you on some parts.

Yes, the arabs should have agreed to the two state plan. Everyone would have been much better off.

Yes, I'll let you answer your own question, if your people and family keep getting killed in front of you, Israel's blockade lead to children being hungry and hospitals lacking basic human medicine (Hospitals are missing some of the most nessecary medical supplies due to the blockades) If hospitals run on generators because Israel keeps shutting down the electricity. What would you do? They've been through it for 52 years, there was no improvement, they were still oppressed. Maybe there is no other way. Israel killed their innocents without caring, so why should they?

However, I have a different view. I do think that there's a line to draw. But can you blame them? They have nothing left to try.

Update 9:

SHEILA: I'm glad you stayed peaceful, I respect that, and may god bless you.

I do agree with you, I would love nothing more than to see peace between these two people. But here's the thing, they lack trust. Why should Palestinians trust Israel after what's been happening to them? Now, I do wish for the peace. And I'm really glad for Israel giving up some land to try and make peace, but Gaza is still like a prison, and I understand why. You need to build trust, I never had it before, I despised Israel at first, wanted it to fall. But now, I understand a bit more.

There's been too much damage as they see it. Trust is something you'll need to get from them, which will be hard.

Now, I know may soldiers are good, but some are corrupt. I've seen it on news channels, does your government show you a whole family killed inside their own homes? It is a sad conflict, and I would do anything to try and solve it. Arabs were wrong in the Past, and so were Israel. Both sides need to accept that.

Update 10:

Mobius: I know about some of the history, but I'm not really familiar with the riots or massacres. And I'd really appreciate it if you mail me your Point of view, or just put some links of those massacres.

And actually, I am pretty open minded. And you've got one part wrong, on Y/A, most of the people I discuss it with are Pro-Israeli, and they have changed my mind a bit. I barely contacted any pro-Palestinian, because I already know their side of the story.

Btw, why were the arabs attacking the Jews back then? I do disagree and feel bad for all the bad things that happened to them in the past, such a terrible thing.

Update 11:

ALL of them? You can never be too sure. I've seen them on the news, the blood, everything. I don't sit there and jot notes about what happened and where, they're etched on my mind from seeing them.

Those bitter Palestinians, can you blame them? (:

Fine, you can hate the Palestinians, but kill them?

I don't agree with them killing you guys, and innocent is an innocent.

I honestly think that both sides have been wrong. But one side is trying to make up for it's mistakes, while the other is stuck in the past. Do you think there is a solution to all this mess and hatred?

Update 12:

APRILISN: It's a question/rant, people always do it. And what you say is harsh though. Palestinian or no Palestinian, they are human. I feel bad for every single family and mother who had their heart broken by Israeli soldiers killing their child. I know murder is wrong, and they shouldn't want to kill every Israeli, and that is not how all the Palestinian think. So when is it ok for Israel to kill? Both sides have been wrong.

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    exactly, this has been going on since 1947.

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    The burden of history is part of the problem and some people forgive more easily than others. I do sympathize with their plight under occupation and don't agree with settlements or holing them up in refugee camps, but this could all be solved by the peace process. That requires that both sides support it and Yasser Arafat didn't. He used to go on Palestinian television and praise 'shahadas' (not in the Islamic sense) for their martyrdom.

    So he was stupidly encouraging suicide bombings. A lot of Palestinian leaders and activists are stupid extremists who really don't care about getting aid and rights for their people. I am sure that lifting the occupation and encouraging economic and social development would help moderate Palestinian sentiments but there will always be Palestinian terrorists and supporters of the one-state solution and I guess Israel will just have to find some way to manage that through security and self-defense.

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    Today people lay the blame for the violence in Gaza on Hamas, but Israel did not start its assaults on the Gaza Strip when Hamas was established in the late 1980’s. Israel began attacking Gaza when the Gaza Strip was established and populated with refugees in the early 1950’s. Palestinians, particularly in Gaza, are not faced with an option to resist and be killed or live in peace. They are presented with the options of being killed standing up and fighting or being killed sleeping in their beds.

    Gaza is being punished because Gaza is a constant reminder to Israel and the world of the original sin of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the creation of a so-called Jewish state. Even though Palestinian resistance has never presented a military threat to Israel, it has always been portrayed as an existential threat to Israel. Moshe Dayan, the famed Israeli general with the eyepatch described this in a speech in April 1956. He spoke in Kibbutz Nahal Oz, an Israeli settlement on the border of the Gaza strip where Israeli tanks park each time there is a ground invasion of Gaza.

    Dispelling the Myths About Jews, Israel and Pales…:

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    The State of Israel was being built long before Hitler was known. Tel Aviv is 102 years old. The "Palestinian" Muslims are committing crimes against Jews and Christians in Israel. The Arabs who commit these crimes are being punished for them. It has nothing to do with WW2. You can't expect Israelis to sit idly by while Arabs are shooting and stabbing and running over Jews. Actually, the Palestinians were directly involved in the Holocaust mass murder of Jews in Italy, Germany, Bosnia, Croatia and Iraq. Hitler s top officer, Otto Skorzeny, was the Nazi that trained Yasser Arafat through the help of a Nazi war criminal and "Palestinian" Arab named Haj-Amin al-Husseini. Al-Husseini was the founding father of the Palestinian nationalism movement and he was directly involved in the Holocaust. In 1941 Al-Husseini organized massacres of Jewish civilians in Iraq and on November 28, he met with Hitler to discuss the Final Solution.

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    There is so much more going on there than us sitting here at our computers can even realize. Searching websites, watching the news or videos will only give us someone else's interpretation of what is going on. Each side is saying "he started it." Like children.

    If even one side of this argument, any side, could realize that our purpose as humans is to love each other as much as ourselves this would all come to an end. But their ego's won't allow them to do so.

    There are many Palestinian/Arabs living in peace with Israelis everywhere else in the world.

    Why can't we start HERE?? NOW??

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    Reporting is to keep the boards rant free and troll free.

    Plus hate speech is what it is.I see some on here.I will stand with Israel.They had the land first.Thugs are thugs.There are some great answers on here.With real facts not some made up ones.Do you see any Israelis strapping bomb vest on themselves killing nonmilitary personal.

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    Ever since the founding of Israel in 1948, long before Hamas was started, Palestinian Arabs have been shooting at and bombing Israel. They typically aim at civilian areas rather than confronting the Israeli military. So they started it.

    Israel fights back. In war, civilians get killed. But Israel tries its best to avoid it. They actually leaflet and send warnings by cell phone and radio to the areas where they plan to bomb, so that civilians can leave the scene; even though this deprives Israel of the advantage of surprise. But it is the policy of many Palestinians to put defenseless civilians and children in harm's way. They hope that the Israelis will then refrain from bombing their weapons factories and military sites; but if the Israelis do anyway, they can show the bodies of the people they themselves put their, and blame Israel.

    Palestinians also are known to greatly exaggerate the number of civilian deaths, and they even make movies which purport to show Palestinian casualties, but the dead have a tendency go get up and walk away.

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    Well since 2005 they have slaughtered from the air about 2000 Palestinians in Lebanon during the Summer War of 2006 and this winter another 1,500 in the Gaza. The massive aerial genocide style emerged in 1982 with the 71-one day bombing of Beirut. But they have been hell-bent on liquidating the Palestinians since 1919. By the way neither Hezbollah or Hamas existed when the air massacres began. I won't even try to total all the Deir Yassins and Quanas.

    As to so-called "terrorists" I think I will simply say: people have a right to defend themselves. The Palestinians are on the brink of complete annihilation while the world looks on doing nothing and virtually no one recognizes their right to exist. At this point they are justified in any and all measures to preserve themselves from total destruction. They are fighting the forces of evil by any standard,religious or otherwise. They have my complete support.

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    Major General Doron had ordered the destruction in 2002 of more than 50 Palestinian homes in the Gaza Strip.

    A few months later the Katiusha rockets start falling upon the settlers ground.

    So, my dear friend, sometimes I wonder whey the Jews are always trying to be the "victim" when everyone knows that they are the true aggressor in this conflict.


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    Terrorist attacks on Israel before the Six-Day War which led Israel onto winning Gaza and West Bank.

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    of course they have, and don't bother discussing with people because they're not willing to listen, they're not open minded, they only trust what their zionist friends and media says, they're brain-washed, Hamas is wrong and especially with using the name of religion into accomplishing their goals but Israel manipulates how the events happen, rockets since 2001 from Hamas killed only 17 Israelis, it's bullshitt if any are children, Israel has no "civilians" everyone is either part of the army or the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) in other words they are back up soldiers, all including women and younger people who are trained to become soldiers. but Israel killing 1500 people, most of them women and children, is ok for all the ignorant people...

    Hamas is doing wrong, but Hamas does not represent ALL the Palestinians, many Palestinians oppose what Hamas does especially after their uprising in Gaza, us Palestinians are standing on the Palestinian side because we know that even though Hamas is doing wrong Israel committed an even bigger mistake..

    concerning what happened to Gaza, if i slap you multiple times do you grab a gun and kill me along with my family? i have made a mistake but you on the other hand have done the bigger one.

    and all this BS about "the palestinians broke all cease-fire first" is what the Israelis say as an excuse to attack back, what about those who are shot dead every day? AT LEAST 2 per day are killed by the Israelis excluding their offensive on Gaza (it's not the Israel-Hamas war because Hamas is a political group with ineffective weapons, not a country with its domestic made, high-tech weapons).

    The First Dragon: why do they attack Israel?? did they not take what's theirs in the first place???? if you forcefully take my house am i supposed to just look at you and turn away?? i like how you make it look like zionists simply came and settled in Palestine without even touching anyone, not that hundreds and thousands of refugee camps were the result of how now Israelis forced them out, even if it meant killing them.

    How is killing 1,200 women and children out of 1,500 "trying to avoid killing civilians"?????????? where can women and children go to hide when they are beseiged in Gaza with nowhere to hide???

    you want to talk about exaggerating, for 1 thing i lived in PALESTINE and i know how things are, when 2 are killed for Israel the israelis say they were 5, when there are 5 injured people they say we had 20 injuries, even those are pretending to be afraid are considered Gaza the Israelis prevented the press from entering certain areas even after they were done killing within it, why? to bury the dead bodies, that's one major reason why bulldozers are used by Israel, to hide the number of those dead, we know that 1,500 are killed but those are the ones found, i'm sure the number would exceed 2,000 if we look under the destroyed buildings.

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