family sponsorship in canada?

somebody mentioned to me that there are states in canada where you can sponsor your parents and siblings after 6-12 months of your it trure?

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    well first off - Canada does NOT have states - we have PROVINCES.

    Usually CIC require 1 year of tax returns so yes you can apply to sponsor a parent or a sibling after you have been working legally in Canada for 12 months. You MUST be a PR living in Canada to do this.


    (other family members - not parents, children or spouse)

    scroll down to whatever country (city) your family live in.

    You may only have ONE application in process at any one time. And you must have a job - because you will be supporting your family members for anywhere up to 10 years - you MUST ensure that they do NOT go on welfare within that 10 years or YOU will be required to repay to the government whatever amount they received.

    sponsorship requirements

    If your siblings are OVER the age of 21. then you CANNOT sponsor them, they must apply to immigrate on their own merits.

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