How do the sizing run for Children's Place clothing? Do they run big, small, or true to size? Do they shrink?

I usually buy from Old Navy, and their clothes are cut a little bigger than most.

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  • Meghan
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    1 decade ago
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    All of my son's clothes are from Babygap (same sizing as Old Navy) and Children's Place. Children's place definitely does run big! My 19 month old is wearing 18-24 months from both ON and Gap, but at Children's Place he still doesn't fit in his 12 mo. shorts (they fall off and basically look like pants). Shirts from Children's Place are tricky for us as well because my son's lean and tall, so shirts become too short well before they fit him in the mid-section. Jammies seem to run pretty true to size though. He's been in 18 mo. pj's from CP for a few months now, and I'm getting ready to get him the 24 month ones. Oh and he's still wearing his 12 mo. CP coat too. I love their clothing... it's good quality, and doesn't shrink any more than Old Navy would, but the sizing has been a bit tricky to work out.

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    I think they are true to size. However, my daughter quit wearing Children's Place clothing about two years ago (we outgrew the store). The majority of the clothing that we bought there had little to no shrinkage and continued to look good throughout the my daughter and niece wearing the clothing.

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    I find they fit well (true to size), and they are good quality. When they are outgrown, we sell them on eBay and get back at least half of what we paid because they look so nice.

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    childerns place has slim which is small but regular fits how its supposed to.

    try kids Gap they always fit well!

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