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Problems with Health and Human Services (Tx)?

I sent out an application for pregnancy medicaid and children's medicaid by fax on March 1. I haven't heard from them and Ive been calling for days and I am loosing patience with these people!!! They always transfer me to other ppl, and they haven't been able to answer me! Every ones mailbox is full so I can't leave a message! I tried going on my own to the dr with no insurance but it was going to come out to $600! It would've been fine if they gave me a chance to pay it off in payments but they told me I had to pay it in full, I dont have that much money! I want to go to the dr. asap because i want to have a CVS test done since baby number one was diagnosed with a syndrome. That test can only be done at 11-13 weeks and I am already 10 weeks! What can I do to get these people to hurry up, I know Im not the only one applying but geeze its been a month already! Im so mad!! help!

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    When I applied for Medicaid with my last pregnancy, it took them six months to approve my status and get me all the paperwork. I would go to the community health center (you may have to go to a bigger city than the one you live in to find this) and ask them what to do. Keep calling the human services department at different times of day until you get ahold of someone who can help you figure out where to go and what to do.

    There may be a community health maternity office that can see you even if you don't have Medicaid set up yet. I know they have this in the large Colorado city I used to live in.

    Go to the health & human services building and stand in line to talk with someone. You might be there for a long time (I was there 3 hours once), so be prepared for this. I think it would be better to go to a community hospital and talk to someone there.

    Sometimes you can call the Medicaid/healthcare office itself and check in on your application and what you can do in the meantime, where you can go, etc.

    http://www.hhsc.state.tx.us/medicaid/med_info.html Here's a link to the Medicaid and CHIP program information for Texas. It's a lot of information to wade through, but you're going to have to do it to get what you need. Here's a link to the section on getting information and assistance: http://www.hhsc.state.tx.us/medicaid/cs/CS_home.ht...

    You should also sign up for the WIC program, though it's a lower priority than getting all of this sorted out so you can figure out where to go.

    Good luck!

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    I know here in Indiana the Dr will let you go and have all testing done and all apts, then let you say on your application that you are "Pending Medicaid"....Will they not let you do that there? Then if you get approved, you owe nothing, if not, then of coarse, you have to pay in full.

    Maybe if you had the Secretary of the Dr. office speak with the Dr about your concerns, and then have the Dr. call you personally.... He might let it slide until your medicaid goes through....

    It couldn't hurt to try.

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    call the wellness branch and the police. Dumping human waste is prohibited. If it is definitely human waste, they would be dealing with heavy fines and in all probability detention center time, and intensely like the wellness branch will close them down.

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