What happened when you tried a Ouija Board?

OK what has happened when you have played one? not an internet one a real one, i have heard mixed things, skeptical people say its rubbish and all of that, but i know people that are as straight up as they come and have seen spirits and had names given to them - not through a Ouija board though, so im aware about spirits to a point.

But my work mate has one and she has said she has got answers before, and nothing bad has happened to her, but yet my mother in law said her friend tried it and she was a very strong minded women, and afterwords she got so paranoid that she never went out the house, and she drew this thing in her house and when ever she got scared she would sit in it. just want your experiences and has it changed your life much?

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    About fifty years ago I used the Ouija board because I had some questions nobody could answer me. The result was astonishing and in this time I thought that it was an entity that was answering from another level. Anyway the given messages made sense to me and pointed my search into a positive and creative direction. The benefit influenced my whole life. At this time I didn't know about the 'ideomotor' effect and that probably my own unconsciousness was responding. The 'ideomotor effect' is a psychological phenomenon wherein the Quija board user makes motions unconsciously guided by ones own unconscious background. Later I used 'automatic writing' with the same astonishing result. But there came the moment when I had to watch out not to became dependent. Later I learned to use my intuition in a similar way, for example when I had to make decisions. That means that I could go beyond my personality and connect with my source...

    Looking back I can say that using the Quija board was a help in guiding me into the right direction, but I believe that the use can also be dangerous and I would not suggest the use for every body. For sure it is not a game...

    Source(s): The 'source' is within each of us, we just need to connect with it in a conscious way, we need to be aware of it and open ourselves, then the separation will vanish and we will live in abundance... then our life will change from a miserable state of being, struggling and suffering, confused and desperate looking for happiness, into a state where we can be creative and enjoy receiving abundance from the 'source'.
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    I studies pagan religions a lot for a period. I even was a wiccan for a few months... And after I tried contacting spirits with a pendulum (and it didn't work), I handmade a Ouija Board and played with it for a while. I didn't get an answer right away, but, in the same night, every time I tried to turn on the lights in a room, the light bulb would burn out. And this happened to me immediately after I stopped playing with the board, in four different rooms (in one of them I even tried turning a lamp on, but it burnt out too). That was my first experiance with energies. Looking back and reflecting now I see that this is when it started. I just never had a way of expresssing it. I tend to steal the energies of others (living and spiritual).

    But opening doors to realms we do not understand isn't a good idea. If you open that door you better be prepared for what comes out. And I sure hope you know how to close it. Ever seen the movie Ouija? I think it had Kevin Beacon and Demi Moore in it. That was just a small taste of what that board can do.

  • KBC
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    1 decade ago

    Well it was in my room and my cousins and I turned off the lights. Most of us were in the 6th/7th grade. My sister had a small lantern-ish thing our relatives gave her. It was just a small cottage with personified bunnies standing outside and the inside of the house was a light. We used that so the room was dark, but there was enough light to see the board. We asked a question, but didn't get an answer because everyone kept moving, pretending it was real (I don't think demons would answer "Are there any spirits here?" with "Butt poo").

    Anyway, during the time they were doing this, I was on my bed while everyone was on the floor. I was lying on my stomach, but could see what everyone was doing. Everyone was looking at/touching the board. Then I felt something land on my back (I was still watching everybody and no one moved except those whose hands were on the board). I freak out a little and everyone freaks out a lot so we turn on the lights. I check what landed on my back and it was one of the little bunnies on my sister's light (the entire thing was made of some hardened clay-like substance and the bunnies were attached to it).

    I asked if anyone touched the light, but no one said anything. I was staring at everyone and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, let alone how my sister's bunny fell off when no one was touching it. I still don't know what really happened. It could've been an experience with a spirit or someone just threw it at me and lied about it.

    Since then, my life's been the same. I still get scared to sleep alone at night after watching horror films, but that's completely independent from that experience. I don't consider the Ouija board to be anything more than just a board. The one we got was crooked. We still have it, too.

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    I've played it before but when I played it, yes weird things did happen. My friend and I were at her house and we went around the house closing all doors, turning off all lights, etc. After we played it for a little bit, I will admit, yes things did happen. Lights came on, ceiling fans came on full blast, the tv turned on by itself, etc. It never change my life for the better or worse. I was a skeptic and I think I still am till this day. Haven't played in awhile. My belief, I think it was a mere coincidence. IDK...I like to think that it was some sort of 'entity' or something like that. It leaves my imagination to wonder!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ouija boards are a device of the devil to get you on his side, into his corner, so he can control you. I played with one once, and it would answer questions UNTIL we asked it questions about the Lord Jesus, and how Jesus shed His blood for mankind. The board went bananas, and could not give a coherent answer. That told me right off that the demons behind the ouija board are AFRAID of Jesus, and the bloody sacrifice He did for us, the sacrifice that spelled the devil's doom. Don't monkey around with evil, my friend.

    Source(s): The Holy Bible forbids such things, and for good reason.....don't mess with demons if you want to stay sane, and if you want to follow God.
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    1 decade ago

    My sister played with a ouija board at a party one time when she was younger. It actually spelled out the words: "F--KING CHRISTIAN"..and she was a Christian, but no one else at the party knew that she was! She said she left in a hurry! I would NEVER touch one of those things if you PAID ME, after hearing that story! lol

    Source(s): Don't play with fire or you might get burned.
  • LJM
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    1 decade ago

    When I was a kid I got scared by one so I hid it up in my closet on the top shelf inside a stack of blankets and was going to get rid of it but I forgot about it. One night I got cold and sleepily reached up on the shelf for a blanket and the Ouiji board hit me in the nose and broke my nose. True story. Not kidding. Never touched one again.

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    When I used a Ouija board I pushed the little thing to dictate the answers. I pretended to be afraid when everyone else was. It was fun.

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    Nothing happened. My friend chanted, taking it all seriously, and moved the thingy herself. I'm not really skeptical, but Ouija Boards aren't real; they're just toys.

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    demons came, they always do sooner or later. they change lives for the worse. I believe that lady became paranoid after using one. I knew a lady who said it spoke to her from under the bed. she got rid of it after that.

    If you can't stand the heat do not play with the fire (of hell)

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