If you had to do this, what would you choose?

Let’s pretend your pregnant with sextuplets, 2 boys and 4 girls. You choose to have their first names are country names and their middle names have an important meaning to you. What would name them?


India Rose (Rose is my middle name)

Albania Kathryn, nn Ally (Kathryn is my mom’s name)

Mali Christina, (My aunt's name is Christina)

Tanzania Marie, nn Tanzie (Marie is my mom's middle name)


Benin Christopher, nn Ben (Christopher is my dad’s middle name)

Chad Andrew (Andrew is my brother name)

India, Ally, Mali, Tanzie, Ben, and Chad


This isn't for a baby, I was bored earlier and was thinking about what people would do.

I want to know what you would do, not choose from my names. Unless you like them.

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    aww, I think that the names you picked out are really cute and very pretty and creative!!!

    I would do:

    Libya Amelia (nn Libby) (After Amelia Earhart, my idle!)

    Eritrea Mary (My moms middlename)

    Australia Therese (My Grandmothers middle name)

    Namibia Carlene (My name)

    Chad Leo (My Grandfather's name)

    Gabon T. (My Dads middle name)

    That was a good idea! I really like those names, especially as characters in a book!

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    1. America Gabrielle "America"

    2. India Charlotte "Indy"

    3. England Samantha "Lanny'

    4. Italy Cecilia "Ally"


    5. Chad David

    6. Denmark Johnathon "Mark"

    Source(s): I would NEVER use any of these first names! NEVER.
  • 1 decade ago


    Sydney Mae

    Sophie Ann

    Samantha Smith

    Sequoia Mist


    Charlie Cooper

    Benjamin Blaze

  • 1 decade ago

    India Rose- Is pretty and diffrent

    Albania Kathryn- isn't so pretty sorry but it's an ugly name and I'm

    sure you don't want your little girl picked on because

    of her name

    Mali Christina - is okay and definatly diffrent. It doesn't sound so much

    country but more like a hawaiian name

    Tanzania Marie- sounds like your trying to say she's really really wild

    and it sounds like a cartoon characters name sorry

    Benin Christopher- is okay

    Chad Andrwe- is a ice boys name

    (if it sounds like I'm trying to be mean I'm not I'm being truthful)

    Congrats and good luck!!!!!! :}

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  • Girls:

    Kenya Beth (my mom's middle name is Elizabeth) nn Kenny

    Australia Joyce (my nan's middle name is Joyce) nn Ally

    Zambia Kate (my mom's name is Kate) nn Zia

    Ireland Alice (Alice is my name) nn Lulu


    Finland Peter (Peter is my grandad's middle name) nn Fin

    Israel Keith (Keith is my dad's middle name) nn Iz

    Kenny, Ally, Zia, Lulu, Fin & Iz

  • 1 decade ago


    India Marie (Marie is my middle name)

    Australia Kelly (Kelly is my mom's name)

    Holland Rachel nn Holly (Rachel is my name)

    Israel Lauren nn Izzie (Lauren is my cousin's name)


    Cayman Michael (Michael is my brother's middle name)

    Jordan David (David is my dad's name)

    Ha ha that was fun and challenging.

  • 1 decade ago


    Asia Shannon ( My Name)

    Mali Morgan ( 1st dog)

    Bolivia ( Olivia) Alayna ( sisters name)

    Cambodia ( Cammie) Danielle ( Best Friend)


    Jordan Thomas( Brothers Middle Name)

    Chad Zachary( Brothers first name)

    Great Question! Have a star!

  • 1 decade ago

    India Rose----India is my NAME so yeah I love it!

    Mali Christina---very unique!

    Chad Andrew--best pick for a boy!

  • I'll do just one middle name although I would use two.

    Asia Marie (Marie is one of my middle name and my grandmother's middle name)

    India Belle (Belle is my great grandmother's middle name)

    China Rose nn ChiChi (one of my best friend's middle name)

    Mongolia Lynn (one of my best friend's middle name)

    Bolivia Catherine nn Livy (one of my best friend's middle name)

    Chad Edward (Grandfather's and one of brother's middle names)

    Cameroon James nn Cam (James is grandfather's name)

    =] I bet half of them aren't even real names lol

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