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Do dog breeders really accept Visa or Mastercard?

My parents are trying to find a respectable dog breeder and they have found some that accept visa or mastercard. Is accepting credit for a puppy a major clue that it is a puppy mill?

Any good advice on how to find a respectable yet local dog breeder?

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    Generally not the good ones, no. Never trust a breeder who takes payments over the internet, and wants to ship a puppy to you. You need to meet the breeder and see their dogs in person.

    One of the best ways to find a responsible breeder in your area is to google the National club for the breed (i.e. Siberian Husky Club of America, Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, etc.) - most national club websites have breeder listings, these days.

    Breeders who are members of their national club are people actually involved in the welfare of the breed (as opposed to making money off it).

    An alternate idea is to google breed clubs in your state (i.e. "Boxer Club, California) - local breed clubs can give you referrals, too.

    ADD: Jen...I understand that, but Joe Puppy Buyer, looking for a Yorkie puppy, doesn't need to make that kind of sacrifice. Are 90% of the people asking questions here looking for a rare breed?

    And I maintain that you don't buy a dog sight unseen from a breeder you've never met. Even if that means flying to Europe.

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    It can be, but isn't necessarily the case. If the breeder has their own business, they might accept credit cards using their business' account. Also, with PayPal, anybody can accept credit cards. In today's world, everybody is using credit cards to pay for anything - even a cheap lunch at McDonald's!

    It is a flag that requires more investigation, though.

    Does the breeder do health checks on all their dogs?

    Are they in good standing with the AKC and the breed's national and/or regional associations?

    Do they put show titles on their dogs?

    How many litters do they have a year?

    Where are the puppies raised (i.e. in the house with the family or in a backyard kennel or in a large kennel facility)?

    What health guarantees come with the pup (i.e. if the pup is not healthy in the first x number of months, the breeder will replace the pup)?

    What re-homing contract comes with the pup (if you can't keep the dog at any point in the future for any reason, the breeder gets first choice to take him back before you can offer the dog to anybody else)?

    Also ask for references of previous puppy buyers and actually call those people to ask about their pups and their experience with the breeder.

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    Occasionally a responsible breeder will accept a credit/debit card because they have some other money making business that will make it possible. (Like a groomer or professional trainer) The majority actually do work for someone else, though. If you want to be sure a breeder is responsible, make sure he/she does this:

    A responsible breeder will:

    1) be breeding to the breed's teacup, micro, mini, imperial,

    king, or other goofy term for runts or oversized dogs. No intentional

    "rare", meaning unaccepted by the breed standard, colors either.

    2) will be actively showing or working the parents.

    3) will have genetic health testing done, such as OFA or PennHip, CERF,

    VonWillebrand's, etc.

    4) will give you the results of that testing in writing

    5) insists on spay/neuter for pet pups.

    6) has a contract citing the spay/neuter clause and also offering to take

    back the pup at any time for any reason for the rest of its life.

    7) is open, honest, and available to the new owner, and can talk aobut their

    breed for hours.

    8) does a home check before placing a pup, and will turn down homes that

    might not be suitable for a pup of their breed.

    9) does not put money above the well-being of their animals.

    If the breeder you are considering doesn't fit these guidelines, find a

    better breeder. You are more likely to get a mentally and physically

    healthier pup from a responsible breeder.

    Source(s): Rescuer, vet tech, groomer, and show exhibitor of Shetland sheepdogs for 20+ years.
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    Any breeder that I know that I would get a dog form does not accept Credit Cards - because they do not breed often enough to make it worth their while to pay the credit card company to take them. I would take it a s sign that they are a large scale breeder and be asking some very serious questions.

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    Given the price of my pups and the fact that I do have another business that allows me to accept credit cards, I will on occassion accept a credit card. HOWEVER - I will have interviewed the new home extensively as well as made them fill out a questionaire... I (or a friend if in another part of the country) will have done a home screening and will have seen where the pup will live, I deliver the pup OR I have a friend deliver the pup (if it needed to be shipped). Of course I also have all the health credentials, contract, guarantee and mandatory return policy as well.

    Jennifer T has a good list on finding a good breeder. Unless you are looking for a rare breed or a show dog OR specific timing in getting a puppy, you shouldn't have to have a pup shipped.

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    Many will, but look out for signs of a puppy mill. It doesn't necessarily mean that it's a backyard breeder, but you should keep an eye out for any signs of a puppy mill.

    To find a local dog breeder, search online. Find one that is close to you, and then drive over there. To find a reputable breeder, watch for these signs.

    The puppies shouldn't be kept outside. If they are, don't buy from there.

    The puppies should appear healthy, playful and active.

    The puppy pen should be clean.

    The puppies, unless they are 10 weeks or older, should be with the mother.

    There should only be one litter. Breeders who have multiple litters are usually only in it for the money, and don't care for the dogs as much. While a good breeder could have more than one or two litters a year, it isn't very responsible.

    You should be able to see health records of both parents, and see the parents themselves.

    The puppies should have their vaccinations and should be dewormed.

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    Not necessarily. Your parents really should go to where the breeder is. They should only purchase from someone who has Champion Titled dogs.

    I wouldn't mind mind giving them my debit/credit card info so long as I have seen the parents' Champion Titles, and gotten to know the breeders some.

    Never ever buy sight unseen.

    Also, shelters are really a great way to get a dog. Our Salt and Pepper cutie on the left came from a rescue I found on We got him in Feb. The Rescue came to talk to us and survey our house a week before we went and got him, just to make sure they knew he was going to a good home. He's 2 years old.

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    Accepting a credit card is not a red flag that you are dealing with a puppy mill...

    A good way to check out a breeder is to visit their facilities - a reputable breeder has nothing to hide and will welcome you with open arms. Another clue to a reputable breeder is if they show their dogs, a reputable breeder is breeding to better the breed and they show their dogs at dog shows (a great place to make contact with breeders by the way).

    Source(s): former dog owner
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    I do know a few reputable breeders that take paypal as a payment... but to actually take visa or mastercard and have it posted on their site is kind of a red flag

    look elsewhere... contact your local kennel club

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    They also accept PayPal in most cases as it is more secure than giving out your credit card information to the breeder. If you are getting a puppy, make sure you visit the breeder and get to know the breeder and their dogs if possible. If you cannot visit the breeder, then ask them for references. This is very important. You can visit our site and find responsible purebred breeders. - K9Ring - Dog Breeders Online Community

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    If they accept credit cards online from just anyone they are not a reputable breeder. Contact your local breed club. Or ask vets to recommend a reputable breeder in your area.

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