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Male or female doberman?

I am thinking of getting a doberman pinscher. I have an 8 month old Bichon frise. Would a male or female doberman get along better with the bichon?

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    Males can be much more of a handful than females, especially during adolescence when they may try to assert their authority over other males. They are physically stronger than females, and can be difficult to control by people inexperienced with the breed. Whilst males may not always be the first to instigate a fight with another dog, they are territorial and will not tolerate any aggressive behavior from other dogs.

    The best combination is male/female as male Dobermanns are usually very tolerant of females. I have kept two b*tches without a problem but some bitches can behave aggressively with another b*tch.

    If you are a first time Dobe owner, unless you have previously had a guarding breed, it is perhaps wiser to have a *****. You would enjoy all the characteristics of the breed, without so much of the territorial, aggressive behavior that is associated with adolescent male Dobermanns.

    Research carefully before you commit to owning a Dobermann as they are not the breed for everyone.

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    Bringing a Male Doberman into a home that already has a large male dog is a bad idea and no responsible Doberman breeder will sell you a male in that situation. Dobermans are very typically male-male aggressive regardless of being neutered, raised together etc. Some are ok with small males or very submissive males but in a home with another large dominant breed male is a fight waiting to happen

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    I'd be more worried about the bichon getting on with the dobe. It also depends if your bichon is male or female. If your dog is male, avoid male dobermans at all cost. Male dobes are well known for their inability to coexist with other male dogs. If you don't have the ability to go for a 5 mile walk everyday, then don't bother getting a dobe. If they aren't properly exercised and trained, they will destroy EVERYTHING YOU OWN. seriously...been there, seen that. My Doberman ate the t-shirt. :(

    They are notorious for being velcro dogs. They will stick to their owner like glue, in some cases, they will get to the point where they will even want to follow you into the bathroom, thus, causing separation anxiety.

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    I would go with the opposite sex of the Bichon frise. We have a male Doberman and a female Pomeranian mix. They love eachother...not in a sexual way either. They are good friends and get along great.

    Dobermans are wonderful pets.

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    Male Dobermanns are naturally just that little more dominant. For a first Dobe, the female is the better choice for most people. What ever you can handle really.

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    I haven't had any problems with my doberman pinscher.

  • is the bichon male or female? if its a male, get a female.

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    get the opposite gender from what you currently have and make sure both are desexed.

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