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WOW did Dick Morris suggets killing ATF agents as a good idea & did Neil Cavuto of Fox News say "Thank You"?

The part of the Vid about killing ATF agents is in the last 30 seconds.

I watched this Vid twice to make sure i heard Dick Morris correctly.

Dick Morris joked around about people in Montana talking about killing ATF agents because they think the ATF is supportive of United Nations policies.

We just lost several police officers in Oakland California last week to gun violence.

Police officers, Federal agents, these people are our neighbors and our friends.

What really caught me was Neil Cavuto's response to Dick Morris's statement. Neil Cavuto thanked Dick Morris almost like they were both part of some Militia Group.

This is the exact kind of free speech that caused the Oklahoma City bombing.

To think that i could go on Fox News and say " boy i tell you we kill them ATF agents around here" and have the Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto look me in the eyes and say "Thank You"

This is a very dangerous kind of free speech.

And it's so sad that Republicans and Right-Wing extremist won't stand up and say "Stop" , "This is not who we are"

Speak truth to power.

Mr. News

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    Wow. When he said "Thank you very much." you can clearly tell that they only had a few seconds until he was off the air. He said thank you to him because he was thanking him for being on the show! because when you're live on air a lot of the time what happens is you don't have enough time to say everything you want. If you watch the news (any program) you'll notice that they all say "Thank you for coming on" or something! Seriously, you need take a better look at things before opening your mouth. I'm not trying to be mean I'm just telling you the truth.

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    So, you listened to the whole thing, but all you can comment about is the last 16 seconds? Ok. Well, if you heard the beginning of it, he is talking about the G20 Summit and how the Socialists in Europe are advocating all this BS about how we should have global everything, and, in particular, an enormous (global) redistribution of wealth with this talk of the carbon emissions taxes. Obama loves the european style government, as you can plainly see in his universal health care plans, so why shouldn't we be worried? And by the way, Dick Morris refers to the "crazies in Montana..." do you really think he is advocating this? He said they have a point because we should be worried about the government! The government is NOT your friend!!!! Look at Ruby Ridge and Waco...people remember this stuff. And when there is talk of FEMA camps, socialized healthcare, hostile government takeovers of private businesses, playing nice with the Taliban when they threaten us, kind of makes you wonder!!!!! I am fully prepared or whatever this government is going to do and I suggest you OPEN YOUR EYES and do the same-what is happening in this country is not going to be pretty, but it is neccessary. It's time we reminded politicians who they work for!

    Oh-by the way-gun violence in Oakland, CA... The guy was out of jail when he obviously shouldn't have been! The REAL problem in this country is not guns and 'issues' with them-the real issue is people who mourn a murderer and the fact that most criminals CAN NOT be made "better."

    Source(s): I have organized a Tea Party on the Newton, NJ Green-April 15th-Please e-mail me for more info if you're in the area!
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    Fortunatly the liberals have not gotten around to censoring free speech yet, so he can basicly say anything he wants. It is also common courtesy to tell someone at the end of an interview thank you, although maybe common courtesy is to much for your liberal mind to comprehend.

    The type of speech given by Obama's ex pastor is also very dangerous, but where were you when that came out? Didn't herar anything from you about it.

    before you call me all sorts of names, I know police officers and have trained some in unarmed self defense. I do not advocate killing any goverment agent, and personely think the statement is wrong, however he does have the right to say it.

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    in case you're able to provide me one link, from a creditable source, that may coach that FOX isn't precise approximately ninety 9% of the time... i'm going to alter events.... till then, i'm going to keep watching genuine information at FOX and you keep watching your fable "information" on MSNBC

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    Dangerous or not it is protected under the First Amendment.

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    yes...typical Fox News hatred

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