about the hippa medical laws?

i'm in drug court for an alcohol problem we go in front off a judge once a week th drug court counselor told the judge about my medical problem which is real personal i talk to a phychiatrist about well the jude told the whole crtroom about my problem shoould someone be responsible that it don;t happen again


hi i just sent in a question about the heppa laws but not sure how or when to get an answer i'm loo1157@yahoo.com

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    Can you show how you were damaged by the violation of your privacy? Remember that Drug Court is an alternative sentence. If you make too big of a noise, you can end up sharing your story with other inmates for 2-5 years.


    HIPAA Law Attorneys Indiana Administrative Hearings Lawyer ...

    Labor and Employment Law. Administrative Law. Litigation. HIPAA ... the practice of law: attorneys in a courtroom arguing cases to a judge and/or jury. ...

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    firstamendmentcenter.org: Press - Topic

    In addition, while the Washington State Patrol quickly recognized that HIPAA does not apply to it, other law enforcement agencies have refused to respond to ...

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    RTNDA - Freedom of Information - RTNDA'S GUIDE TO HEALTH COVERAGE ...

    In the event state law is more restrictive than the HIPAA privacy regulations, state law will apply. Q. Who is considered a covered entity and subject to ...

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    NM&L (Spring 2004): From the Hotline

    But HIPAA may trump the public records laws in some circumstances. ... Does this law apply to speeches given to a crowd of people, or is it limited to ... that being excluded from the courtroom affects your ability to report a story. ...

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    # [PDF]

    HIPAA liability: Beware the secondary enforcers

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

    bar is aware of HIPAA and is capable of trying to cre- atively use state law to attempt to bring a HIPAA vio- lation into the courtroom. ...

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    Apr 20, 2005 ... of the act are likely to end up in a courtroom at some point. .... Stronger state laws, HIPAA establishes a minimum standard that does ...

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    Courtroom insider » Jurors have a lot of questions for Hollars

    Oct 19, 2006 ... or defense file a subpoena to obtain these records or would this violate HIPAA laws? ... Myers guilty verdict heard in silent courtroom ...

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    N.Y.: no cameras in courtroom

    N.Y.: no cameras in courtroom. by Walter Olson on June 22, 2005 ... (in the stimulus bill) of the already impressively overgrown health-privacy law, HIPAA. ...

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  • 3 years ago

    The clinical coverage privateness and Portability Act does set regulations on who can get right of entry to well being information. to that end, that's amazingly conceivable that the mum's call is the only one listed as having get right of entry to to those information. A blanket courtroom order of joint custody and get right of entry to isn't sufficient to that end. A separate selection could could desire to be made on the situation and an settlement reached or a courtroom order made that deals with this particularly. The age of the new child is likewise an argument teen elderly little ones have extra privateness than youthful little ones below HIPPA. the simplest course could be to ask the mum rapidly for the information. For applications of procuring shield the new child, she could desire to be agreeable, yet i do no longer know the great situation.

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  • 6 years ago

    Today HIPAA is comprised of an unwieldy set of policies and laws that are confusing and too easily misunderstood by patients and health professionals alike. In fact, their confusion may get in the way of a patient's best medical care.

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