To Republicans if/when Obama succeeds?

If Barack Obama succeeds in rebuilding the nation, keeps us safe from outside attacks, has our economy built back to Pre-Bush standards, as well as builds through his bailouts our domestic auto manufacturers back to the form that has made GM., Ford and Chrysler so legendary. Would you praise him or just be upset that a Democrat that you dislike accomplished so much with such a different views of policy.


wow I see that everybodies got there Kool Aid but did you feel like the American people were fairly represented by a President that LOST both elections popular vote. Look Bush had as much to do with Obama's election as Barack did

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    I wouldn't praise him. I would be glad if he did and give him credit due for it, but no praising - he is not worthy of praise.

    Most people who are Republicans are against his ideas - simply put. Because his ideas run along the idea of socialism, that is what people hopes fail, not Obama in general. The hope that he sees it is not working and will turn away from it. Socialist Countries, who know first hand how it does not work are warning us - he needs to listen to reason.

    It isn't about getting even. That is a childish mentality. Risk the entire Nation on getting back at another? Really? That is not even High School mentality, it is elementary reasoning and logic. Seriously. The same thing goes for those who jumped around and said, it is our turn now, revenge. This isn't a game - the Countries survival depends on it and it is really sickening to see people treating it as an American Idol Contest or like a childish fight from grade school years. People need to grow up already.

    Again, I hope the Nation does not fail under Obama - but he needs to take the warnings from other Countries seriously and I agree with the other Countries assessment of the problem.

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    I'm guessing you think spending trillions of dollars like it's a unlimited credit card limit is helping THIS country's future. Sorry that isn't possible. While the economy is teaching a lot of us to spend less and rely on credit cards less, our GOVERNMENT is spending more and more on UNnecessary things and causes. It seems "We the People", are NOT being represented at the White House any longer.....for we seem to no longer have a say in what they do there.

    Obama NEEDS to stop his spending spree and making taxes go up to pay for these freeloading business'. If they can't make a profit then they should just disappear from our society........just like small business' do. Harsh but, they don't deserve billions of dollars for nothing.

    Also, if Obama tries to make the world use (1) currency that raises a BIG RED FLAG in my opinion. I will no longer be able to believe he is trying to do good. Time will tell........something tells me by the end of this month we will know for sure if he's just a foolish good guy or a wolf in sheeps clothing.

  • 4 years ago

    Which of what is going on with Bengazi and The IRS thing , as two examples, where the facts are irrefutable, do you not understand. The White house knew about what the IRS was doing 2 years ago. Bengazi, as it was happening. Just the E-mails on this prove it. Are so stupid you don't know what the term Witch Hunt means? Clearly you are too dumb to pay any attention to what is in front of your face.

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    Bush 2002-2006 was pretty good for most of the country.

    Newt 1994-1999 was also pretty good for the country.

    Tough to choose.

    I'd have to go with Bush, no stained interns.

    Is that Obama's new slogan " When and IF?"

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  • 1 decade ago

    put down the kool aid you have had to much......this will only happen in the WARPED minds of the liberals.....his plans are destroying the US and the people are catching on....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Still does not change his being constitutionally ineligible to be President (due to his birth in Kenya).

  • xtina
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    1 decade ago

    Ain't gonna happen. You don't strengthen a nation by making its people more dependent on government.

  • 1 decade ago must be drinking cool aid

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    that sounds like a whole lot of "hope"

  • rml313
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    1 decade ago

    if i say if that happens i will i praise him & i will say i was wrong, buy don't count on that happening.

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