Help with state sales tax?

This is my first time really selling ( before was just for family and friends as gifts ) and I have never thought of my self as a business . But I now have a back order of fourteen gates and I am planning on going to a couple fairs this season with smaller items ( planters, stakes etc ). I will need a sales tax license because I am told I have to charge sales tax and file a tax return. The problem I am facing is at the website for the license application it says this

the first question? I suppose the first time I actually collect a sales tax? but since I have not done that since I have never charged or reported a sales tax what should I put here?

another question ask for "legal name"

what does that mean? I am not a "company or llc" I just sell a couple freakin gates a year out of my barn.

I want to do the right thing and give Pa their freakin tax money but they are making it too complicated and really I just want to forget it and not charge the sales tax.

Help please!

I just want a tax id number for the sales tax but this form is acting like i am GM....i am not a "enterprise" i am a gate maker

Any ideas on how to just get a id number with out all the mumbo jumbo please!!!????

oh i am in Pennsylvania if I was not clear.

thank you!!


edited to add

I have not SOLD anything yet accountant?? I am trying to make things more simple not bring some one else into it

I am thinking I will sell ONE gate a month

I need to incorporate and get an attorney for ONE gate a month??

no thanks I will just have people "give" me money and I will just "give" them a gate as a thank you

really?? you dont understand what i am saying to you?...they make the process B.S.

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    You can get assistance filling out the PA-100 from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. You can e-mail questions, or call on the telephone.

    Here is their assistance website:

    Your legal name is your name as it appears on your Social Security card.

    You have a back order of 14 gates, and are required to collect a substantial amount of sales tax. Probably, you will be filing a return and sending payments to the Department of Revenue quarterly.

    Registering for your license, and getting an ID number is just the beginning.

    You are considered a Sole Proprietor and are expected to conduct your business professionally. Besides state sales tax, you will need to keep accurate records for income tax purposes. Not keeping the proper records can cost you more time and money in the long run.

    The process can be confusing, and seem tedious, but there are people willing to help you. Contact the Small Business Association in your area, and also look to organizations like SCORE for free or low cost business advice.

    The PA "Open for Business" website can help you find additional resources.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): PA Open for Business: More State of Pennslyvania Assistance for Small Business:
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    Technically you still owe state sales tax for the items you have already sold. You should hook up with an accountant and get it done correctly.

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