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Visiting Sicily, staying in Catania?

I am after some suggestions of places to stay (hostels or cheap rooms), places to go (other than to visit Etna, which I already have planned), and things to do - or perhaps you know of a really good travel guide book for the area...

Your help and suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    Sicily is all beautiful. I suggest you to keep moving and see more places...I do not know how long you'll stay, but Sicily is a large regions really full of beautiful places to visit. I recommend a rental car, otherwise you will not be able to travel and see best places. Organization Sicilybycar is one the most convenient rental companies, just book over the web.

    Etna is a very exciting experience, you can visit it by a nice guided tour which climbs it with offroad vans...Taormina is also very fascinating town...with romans ruins and beautiful view...but don't stop in Catania. You should move also to Siracusa...unforgettable, and you may want to descend to the real south end...where you'll find small villages born around tuna fishing and Marzamemi.

    In the north you may head to Cefalù....and you should not miss to visit Palermo and the incredible Monreale.

    You may spend a day also in Vulcano island, unbelievable jewel placed in the tirrenian sea 20 marine miles or so away from Milazzo port.

    Sicily is safe, because mafia issue concerns an high level of no special care is needed...just usual one when you travel abroad.

    In Catania you may stop at sheraton hotel in Aci Trezza, beautiful hotel right on the sea, not expensive as you may suppose...otherwise in Catania the chain Jolly Hotels provides good accomodation at a reasonable price.

    I travel a lot in Sicily because of my job and because i just love it...even if I am from central part of Italy. You will love it also and you'll be back! I discovered it during my honeymoon...and we were back and back again.

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    When we visited Sicily, we planned ahead and booked to stay in different places for 2 or 3 nights at a time, and ended up in some interesting towns. One of the nicest places I have ever stayed in was an agriturismo not far from the town of Ioppolo, which is a few minutes outside of Agrigento, and while it was a bit remote, it was lovely to come back to after a day of going around to places nearby in the car, as the host was also a marvellous chef and prepared delicious meals, so we'd arrive back, let him know we were there, and would agree to sit down to eat in half an hour or so, after showers and freshening up. It wasn't that far away from the Palazzo Adriano, where that wonderful film Cinema Paradiso was made, and nearby was a really interesting geological thing called the Vulcanetti Dei Macalube, kind of a slow, flat volcano. Hard to find, but worth checking out, and fun for kids.

    Not many people go to Trapani in the west of Sicily, I'd recommend it. I'd also recommend the hilltop city of Erice, which is pretty much right beside it, and straight out of the Middle Ages. It's so beautiful up there, and you can either drive up there, or take the cable car. We stayed in a little town called Paceco, and just happened to be there for a local festival. It was really nice. We weren't far from the ancient ruins at Segesta, or Selinunte (Selinunte is massive. Bring a picnic lunch, and make a day of it.) and I also loved the seaside town of Castellamare dei Golfo, really pretty, and beside a major national park. If I ever go back to Sicily I think I'd stay there for a few days, it has a lovely beach and it is a very pretty town.

    I thought Catania was gorgeous, and I loved the way they used the black volcanic rock in the local architecture, it made a striking contrast with the white marble. If you go to the fish market, be sure to wear closed shoes that you can wash afterwards, and avoid it if you are squeamish, it's literally a bloody place.

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    I lived in Sicily 3 years, and ended up marrying a man from Catania. DO you know any locals, knowing someone makes all the difference!!

    Catania full of history. Remember it was conqured by the Spasnish, greeks, vikings, arabs, spanish, romans and carthaginians. but along with many other places you can see the main parts in a day.

    If you have a good mode of transport just south is siracusa. it has the largest greek ampatheature anywhere. Just north is Taoramina which was ahot spot for movie stars in the 60's, great beaches, also has a greek ampatheature. to the east a ways is Agrigento. there you will find the largest greek temples outside of greece.

    I recomend rying to find a local on facebook or something to meet up with. ( a woman of course cause those men can be sketchy!) Then you can see real sicily to include clubs, and the real good resuraunts With out an italian with you, resturaunts are likey to feed you left overs and tap water!

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    I consider Sicily the California of the Mediterranean. I've been to the island and especially Catania many many times over the past 30 years. I can only suggest the Baia Verde as a place to stay... I've been to the Sheraton and the Baia Verde tops it. I recently had friends stay at the Baia and I really liked the layout and the area on the sea (for swimming, sunning & having cocktails!).

    Take a look at the link I've given you for news on Sicily and come back to me if you have any specific questions.

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    This is my little town..near Trapani..Scopello..

    is considerate the most beautiful place..

    and the water is the most clean of the coast..

    I used to live there..and it's a place of fun..and you can find a lots


    Source(s): here you find some prices to go in castellammare del golfo(TP) is a safe town and very unique.. Have a good trip!
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