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Voip Registration error 32?

I have been using Voipbuster to call people and i kept on registering to get free calls until recently. When i tried to sign up again it came up with an error called "Registration error 32" and i need to know how to fix this.

I read that if i download a program called Regcleaner and delete the registry it will work again, i tried it and it did work. Until after about 5 times it came up with error 32 again.

Can someone please help me fix this error?

Is there some sort of hack to get unlimited registrations?

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    They do that to prevent people from registering with multiple accounts.

    I'm sure there are tricks to bypass this but that would be illegal and breaching their terms of service.

    At some stage you get what you pay for ...

    You'd better take a look at proper VoIP providers. If you visit that website you'll be able to find out which suits you best :

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