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在先前的工作歷練中,已累積了相當數量的人脈。無論是藝術媒體、收藏家、學術界前輩、 藝術家或是畫廊同業,並於合作過程中一直保有相當良好的評價,同時也激勵我要在這個行業中更加精進。


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    Senior period beginning the field of access to the arts and employment after xx company, X years later due to the recommendation of their elders, just turn to enter the xxx to set up the company less than a year to individuals in the auction market to provide work experience and director of operations to share the auction market structure and business model; job so far.

    Based on the enthusiasm of the arts has always been very fond of this industry has been looking forward to the arts at a target in the leadership of the nature of a company, co-operation through the provision of personal attributes and work experience, but also to learn to expand horizons, to reach the company growth goal, individuals exert the greatest potential to bring the most practical help.

    In the previous job experience has been accumulated a considerable number of connections. Whether it is art media, collectors, academics, seniors, artists or galleries with the industry and maintain the process of cooperation has been very well received, but also inspired me to become more refined in the industry.

    Xxx work at the company I am pleased to play a personal best pieces of public relations and the ability to levy, but a number of changes in the company and planning at the time of the initial interview is different, but I also study to one of many new things and more ability to deal with the crisis, and the company's development direction and strategies for change on many occasions quite disappointing and stunned. Su-Wen and the content of your job very close to their own interests and ideals, has also initiated work to your ideas. Can trust to take this play to their potential to achieve the best efficiency and entered another stage of life, so very much look forward to have the opportunity to become one of the members.

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