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Speech Path or Teaching??? Help?

Right now im currently about to be a junior at the end of this semester...i am a Communication Science and Disorders major to become a Speech Pathology, but its always been in the back of my head i wanted to teach. I considered Deaf Ed but being fluent in ASL might be the only problem. I was thinking of becoming a Reading Specialist but idk what to do?? I work at a Elementary school and i love it, i wanna teach kids i really wanna work wit kids but jus stuck.

What other career options can I do with a Communication Science degree...and should I stick wit Speech Path or consider being a Reading Specialist???

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    1 decade ago
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    I am in a similar position as you are. I am currently in speechpath, but I have a deep passion for literacy development; also, I am interested in deaf education.

    A kind of compromise I'm really considering is oral-deaf education. Most states have a clinic/school for children who have hearing aids or cochlear implants. These clinics help kids learn how to hear and interpret what they're hearing. Of course, they also work on speech development and literacy.

    Some of these clinics have an associated graduate program that provide a degree in special education. For example, the John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles is has an infant program for babies who are deaf, a pre-k program, and a kindergarten program. In addition, they partner with a local college to provide a year-long degree program with a Masters in Special Education, emphasis in Deaf/HOH education. They take maybe 10 students, and they study and work in the clinic all day.

    To look up an oral-deaf school near you, try

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