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Twist ending in No Country for Old Men????(SPOILERS)?

Why were people saying it was a twist ending ? It didn't seem like that to me...the only thing about it was how suddenly and unexpected it was just like BOOM Black screen roll credits. And the unexplained dream the Sherrif tells his wife left a few unanswered questions there...

Can anyone who has seen this elaborate for me? Thx

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    I saw no twist either. Seemed pretty straightforward, good people die, bad guy walks away we can only hope he dies later of blood loss, old cop is washed up and is no longer the hero anymore he just can't cut it. It's kind of the opposite of almost every hollywood blockbuster.

    I think the dream was him just repeating the fact that it is over for him, this is life and he feels he has let down the people who were killed who he promised to protect. I think he always knew he couldn't save them but he tried anyway and he failed, he was always one step behind.

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    it wasn't a twist ending at all. people who fail to understand the ending are simply not academic enough to understand a real film. go and watch transformers if you think this film ended abruptly. everything was wrapped up in an appropriate way , anything different would have not been true to the film. the last half hour or so of this film is when the people not smart enough to really understand a good film get lost. it's funny how many people that happened to.

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    I enjoyed the ending to this action picture. such particularly some circumstances we've sparkling decrease endings to movies and there is not any longer something left to the mind's eye of the viewer. no longer so with this action picture. Did Anton get caught walking down the line? Did he kill everybody else? This replaced right into a haunting action picture and the ending had you leaving the theater feeling the comparable way you felt interior the midst of the action picture. Creepy.

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    I have had ppl give me thier dipiction of the end as well but I too felt it js ended. I took nothing special from his pointless dream at the end! it was just!

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    it wasn't a twist ending. it was exactly like the book. the last line of the book was "and then i woke up."

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