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Arnold Schwarzenegger for president in 2012?

That's who I'm voting for even if I have to write him in.


sure he is

Update 2:

Prove it...We can't force him to show his original birth certificate. So why not?

Because YOU say so?

Update 3:

He's lived here longer than you know who...he's got more political experience than you know who AND I bet he could produce a "certificate of live birth" if put to the test.

Update 4:

neither was BHO

Update 5:

Being born here is not the only requirement defining what a Natural born citizen is. You should actually READ the constitution.

I'll get the quote if you need it.

You do not have to actually be born on US soil.

Update 6:

Obama did not have to be born here in order to be considered a Native American. Take your own tin foil hats off and pay attention and you might learn something.

Update 7:

Zach...YOU are a liar or just ignorant. The State of Hawaii did furnish long form birth certificates as far back as 1960. You are clueless. A certificate of live birth was an informal document provided for parents of infants living in the state for their own records.

That is beside the point. I am NOT saying Obama is not a citizen. Pay attention, I am saying that Arnold may be eligible even though he was not born here.

Update 8:

The idiots who voted for BHO don't even understand HOW he qualifies as a citizen regardless of where he was born. How do I argue logic with children?

Update 9:

Actually ZACH...Orrin Hatch introduced legislation several years ago to do away with and/or alter the requirements which could prevent Arnold's eligibility to run. It passed the house and was stuck in the senate...the pidgeonholed and recently reintroduced before the elections and is just sitting there for now. It only needs a few votes to pass...but that is not the point either.

Update 10:

If you recall, Orrin Hatch was elected in part because Arnold gave him his full support as a celebrity and in return for the favor has reciprocated on Arnold's behalf.

Update 11:

As many of you are aware, there are many loopholes and subtle interpretations in our Constitution that have been used over the years and even recently. The following is one example.

One of the many inclusions defining who is a natural born citizen specify a child's right to claim their birthright as a NATIVE born citizen if they are descended from at least one US citizen. (does not restrict to parent or grandparent) Provided they return to US soil by their 23rd birthday. He (Arnold) moved to the US when he was 21.

Even though he went through the formalities of naturalization, he didn't have to. His maternal grandmother was an American. He is eligible.

Update 12:

STARLOVE...How much are sales tax in Ca.?

Update 13:

Hey LEV... you know me bro...just rattlin chains and seeing who here knows their Constitution. They he ain't or yes he is..because so n so said so..but don't have a clue really why or why not. I really love the BHO doesn't have to prove but Arnie does crap.

Like I'd really vote for Conan, ha ha.

But he could be the running man. GHWB groomed him for years and Hatch did try to get him in. Not that some of these folks have a clue.

Update 14:

Ol' F..what's up bro? Yeah I knew you'd remember what I was talking about. I'm all for all the professional politicians, enforce term limits and elect representatives on a volunteer basis (ie: NO PAY) lock up anyone soliciying congress for handouts and make them responsible (criminally) for any overspending. Do away with ALL social/welfare programs...cut back on the military excess (not their pensions or medical) call in all loans, foreign and domestic and split up all the money saved among the taxpayers as a real stimulus package.

I figure Arnold could at least scare the sh*t outta anybody who threatens the US if nothing else. Kinda like Reagan did.

Update 15:

Lev... I don't drink wine. I did however pick up a box of nice cubans and a half gallon of canadian whiskey earlier today. Can still out think most of these numb skulls..ha ha.

Update 16:

hey lovergrl...I like some of Travoltas work too but he's too nuts for politics (not that we haven't been there before) but he's over the top...him and Tom and Kirstie and their ET friends & waaay left liberals ta boot.... wackos to the point of denying some aspects of modern medicine. His son should not have died.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Arnie would be better than "O" but there must be better. I think this guy Myers might be a good one. He can fix roads and that's better than fixing the books.

    I remember when Hatch was pushing the change in the Constitutional qualifications. We called him an idiot and many other "nice" names.

    I believe we need to get away from the career politicians and put working people in the White House and Congress. With common people we wouldn't have the experience but we would have people that know how the real world works. We might even get them to vote in term limits, which would help keep the corruption and graft down somewhat.

    If we could get all of our friends and those who are like minded we could possibly have a chance, even with a write in candidate. Wouldn't that frost the old pumpkin heads in D.C.?

    Lev, don't knock the homemade wine, My old truck runs great on it but wanders all over the road every time I fill it up. I find it runs best on my 5 years old blackberry, but not too bad on peach. And the exhaust smells good too. I caught a wino sucking the tail pipe last week.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why not.... Will Smith? The REAL first black president, and not just an arabic cover up! Maybe ol' Arnald can come up with a birth certificate from Hawaii too!! It's not hard, apparently. We all knew BO was born in Africa but the lie still worked for him!

    John Travolta 2012!! "Teaching the world to dance, one step at a time!"

    Edit: I'm not sure that even matters... after the Obama administration is thru with America... anyone will 'do'.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Arnold does not fit the profile for the republican candidate in 2011. Even though you could argue that Obama was not born in the US so this make Arnold eligible by some technicality, why would the republicans want another liberal running against Obama. McCain did not win only because their was no real choice. A liberal republican vs. a socialist, and at that time the socialist label was not working against Obama.

    No, we will not make the same mistake in back to back elections. As I see it our only choices are people like Jindal, Romney, and Palin.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nope. Arnie ain't eligible. Schwarzenegger was born in Thal, Austria (German: Thal bei Graz), a small village bordering the Styrian capital Graz, and was christened Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger.

    he doesn't have to show his birth certificate, if you had been alive in the 70s you would know that he is an immigrant and naturalized citizen originally from Austria. Something about being on the Austrian Olympic team and in the Austrian army...

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  • Zach
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    He has to show a live certificate of birth in which he would not have and Obama has produced as the requirements to be president or to run for president. He is ineligible. You think you know better than all the courts and the Supreme Court Justices. Take your tin foil hat off, its a little too tight. Hawaii only gave live certificates of birth back then and it has been proven that this was provided, otherwise he never would have gotten close to becoming president.

    Its obvious you can't read the Constitution because in order for Schwarzenegger to run for president he has to be born an American citizen, either to American parents, on American soil, or on an American military base or embassy. None of these are fact in his case, therefore the Constitution would have to be changed for him to become president. That isn't going to happen, so you will be throwing away your vote and possibly invalidating your entire ballot when you write his name in.

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  • 4 years ago

    No. If the Federal goverment does not provide Schwarzenegger a private loan, California would be doomed. So, if Arnold can't run a state, how interior the international do you think of he can run a rustic?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sure Why Not!

    We could have a "Total Recall"

    If Obama can get away with not being a natural born citizen to become president then I don't see why Arnold couldn't follow by the same rules.

    Source(s): Disabled American Veteran
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  • 1 decade ago

    1. It is well known he is ineligible. Given paper work exists proving he is a naturalized citizen. You produce any piece of real evidence that Obama is not a natural born citizen people may listen - but to date nobody has.

    2. He hasn't exactly done a stellar job running California

    3. He is too moderate for the powers that be in the Republican Party. McCain was only allowed to run if he sold his soul on every issue that had ever mattered to him to the far right. The only difference is Arnie still has some essence of integrity.

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  • I live in Cali and I voted for him twice. Cali is in very bad shape. Arnie hasn't been able to get Cali under control with Pelousy and gang, what makes me think he can do anything as President?

    Besides, The Govenator was born in Austria. Well known fact. Although, he might contact Obama's legal team who has done wonders concealing it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No. The Governator got beat up really bad trying to clean up the Augean stables, and the socialists in the Cal State Legislature reprogrammed him to do their will.

    By 2102, you want to vote for C.C. Myers. He's the only true-blue American who can repair the damage that will have been done to the nation.

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