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Can Swimming Build Muscle Mass?

Or does it only make you lean? I'm trying to gain muscle mass, and I've been lifting weights, but yesterday, I had to swim 50 laps (Long story) and I have a pool so I just did it there no rush or anything, and I almost freaking died!! I never thought it would be that hard! OMG, it was possibly the most strenuous exercise I had ever done and I felt like jello when I got out of the pool. My question is, with all that work, is it really possible to NOT build muscle mass if you do it daily?


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    Look at Michael Phelp! Great Swimmer, great bod!!

    Any kind of exercise will help you gain muscle and also eating the right kinds of foods are very important such as: carbs (sphgetti, lots of fruits and veggies, nuts grains etc.)

    Try doing a different workout or sport everyday. Swimming will definately make you thinner but you will gain muscle.

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    Does Swimming Build Muscle

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    Build Ripped Muscle Fast

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    Swimming is very strenuous, but when you're swimming laps you're burning up an unbelieveable amount of calories. It's good exercise, but not so good for putting on muscle mass. Lifting weights is the best way to build muscle mass. Lift heavy and only do between 5 and 8 reps. on your last set you should only get about 3 reps. Make sure you take a protein shake after you get done with your workout. That hour after your workout is prime time for protein.

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    I swam for eight years. Swimming is one of the only sports that works as many muscles as it does. It is very possible to build muscle mass, but it is more useful if you swim with weights or a resistance band on to make it more strenuous. I would recommend waiting until 50 laps doesn't kill you as much and then adding something, like more laps, sprints, resistance or something to switch it up. Swimming different strokes, especially butterfly is especially effective in building muscle.

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    I think its impossible not to build muscle mass, i would swim about from 2-3miles a day. And lost 30pounds. And I'm a prime example of it, I have not lifted one weight in my life, and i have muscles.

    Swimming is probably one of the hardest sports out there. You use all of your muscles. So its kinda hard not to gain muscle if you swim.

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    just lift weights if you want to build muscle mass.

    Swimming also builds muscle mass, but probably in a different way. Probably slower, with nicer tone.

    Swimming is a really good excercise.

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    Yes, very much so, swimming is a very good sport to build muscles with too, though you would still need to do a regular workout after swimming and do stretches before swimming to get the best results

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