Is my workout plan going in the right direction ? Feedback Plz?

26 yr old Male (of the darker decent lol...Afr. American)

6'0" (183 cm)

173 lbs / not sure how much fat % but i'm fairly skinny (esp. in my arms..I hate that the most)

For starters i know I have some damn good genes when it comes to getting fit. For an example..when I was 18 i joined the military and went to basic training and AIT which lasted about 6 months roughly. When i got to AIT i just started doing normal sit-ups, supine bicycle, dips, regular push-ups and elevated (diamond and fingertip). Just things like that using my own bodyweight with no weights. Three somewhat healthy meals a day that's it!! I looked and felt like a million bucks.. nothing could stop me. All without weights. My triceps were defined, my chest was very distinguishable and I had the energy of the FRICKIN SUN!!

But shortly after AIT was over...I stopped doing all that completely never hit a gym or did extracurricular activity besides the running that the army had use doing throughout the week which basically just kept you fit. No gains from running 6 - 7 miles a day besides the killer stamina (which is always very useful i might add ;)

I stopped doing that for 7 years!!! that was 7 years ago i was in AIT and it's been 7 years too long. Now I know lifting weights with heavy sets and less reps build mass, and I've done my research on Whey Protein 100% Natural, should be here in 3 days or so. I've purchased myself a road bike because I feel cardio before a workout actually gets me pumped up more. I have weights including two 35lb and two 25lb..including my weight bar which is 11'lbs or so ( curl bar, only thing i have right now ) adds up to 130ish. I figure i buy more weights later and that this should be enough to started.

I'm going for a high protein diet. I would like to get my weight up. Mass is just a little more of a priority than getting toned or cut.

Breakfast: ( I like my breakfast to be a big meal of the day so this would probably be the LEAST amount of what I will be consuming.)

Egg whites (Eggbeaters) 2 or 3 eggs worth..not sure yet depending on how full i get.

Turkey Bacon - 2 strips

1 orange ( vitamin C )

1 slice of wheat toast with peanut butter

1 cup of Welch's grape drink ( thats all i drink is Welch's..cannot stand sodas )

1 bowl of oatmeal ( Regular Quaker Oat with a DASH of brown sugar, that can't be helped ;D

And if that doesn't get me going i don't know what will. For lunch I was thinking of going light...maybe cook up some chicken fillets early in the week and bring a sandwich to work each day with a bottle of water and maybe some celery with peanut butter. Again, trying to keep the protein up. After lunch I would eat on cashews throughout the day sparingly. I heard that nuts and almonds alike are good sources of protein for you. And if cashews aren't a good idea, what is ? :)

As for dinner I would try to mix it up throughout the week..pasta one another night...baked chicken another. Most meals followed with some kind of greens i.e. brocolli...spinach...steamed carrots.

I read it's better to eat 5 - 6 meals throughout the day...I work commission so taking off to eat a meal even if it takes just 10 minutes. Not worth it in my book. So 3 square meals a day will just have to cut it. Will that play against me? or should i try getting a 4th meal in there somewhere?

As far as my workout routine I'm just going to go with what i know. I purchased a pull-up bar for the indoors, The one that hangs in the door frame and is just SO easy to use (can't wait til it gets here). The main areas I would like to see improvements on and will be focusing on more than any are as follows and they exercises I will do for each one.

Triceps - Dips til it burns like fire

Forearm - using my curl bar with the two 25lb weights for starters ( I actually in one point in the army could curl the two 75's ) 3 sets of 9

<<<Chest>>> - Push-ups / Push-ups / Push-ups....elevated, regular, diamonds, fingertips. These I will be doing all day most likely at home bored, just anywhere. I haven't heard many cases where doing push-ups will hurt you. Of course after a day of heavy lifting i may take it easy on how many i do depending on soreness. Any other good techniques to get the He-Man chest is greatly appreciated but as far as i know push-ups done the RIGHT way with fully extended torso, head straight forward, no slumping in the middle and steady motion is one of THE most total body workouts you can do that will build the pecks

Ab workouts will include supine bicycle, obliques, crunches, flutter kicks starting at 2 sets each of 15....also, would I get better results increasing reps or sets when I'm dealing with the ABs? Would I gain more mass increasing weight, reps, or sets ?

Okay I know this is getting lengthy but just a few more minor questions..I'm trying to get all the info i can without consulting a professional trainer. Again thank you for your time, any feedback is hig

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    First off im not a personal trainer, but i have a lot of experience with a personal trainer / ex marine drill sergeant, and i have done probably hundreds of hours of research. Your right about low reps to build mass 4- 8 reps is the accepted range for building up fast twitch fiber (type II b and II a ). As for nutrition, while it is better to have 5-6 meals you can get away with 4 solid meals as long as you make sure to have at least a couple hundred clean calories every 2-3 hours or else your body will start going into a catabolic state (producing cortisol and breaking down muscle). Breakfast sounds solid, although you might want some more vitamin C because it supposedly increases testosterone production.

    As for your routine, it sounds like you are focusing on upper body only... i would suggest you ditch the pushups because they will only build endurance, and are very ineffective at causing hypertrophy (and they will not cause hyperplasia at all). you really need to use free weights to build mass. Do you have a bench? if you do you can do bench presses at all angles (flat, decline and incline - they work different parts of the pectorals) Also Dumbbell flyes work the inside of the pec - although be careful i tore my rec a couple of months ago doing dumbbell flyes. For shoulders you can do shoulder press, shrugs, or lateral raises. Triceps - extensions with dumbbells, or close grip bench. Biceps - curls plain and simple. Pullups are great for for expanding the lats outward, but to get them thick and cut you need to do some sort of row whether cable, bent over, or t-bar. Abs, do as many different exercises, up to 30 reps, after that that specific exercise will do nothing to strength and tone your abs (this come from a boxing coach at one of the major gyms in LA).

    The optimum routine is about 3 sets between 4 and 8 reps at the heaviest weight you can lift for maximum growth, only working each muscle group once or twice maximum each week (I know its tempting to do more, but trust me over training is a ***** - every ligament and tendon hurts all the time and strength decreases).

    At 26 i might suggest you look into some supplements as your natural testosterone levels have decreased and will continue to fall (generally males peak between 21 and 24). First some basic supplements for anyone of any age include creatine, beta alanine, either whey protein or BCAA's (the essential amino acids).

    Some non-hormonal supplements include Ecdysterone's and methoxisoflavones (nutrient partitioners), Nitric Oxide (NO) which is a vacodiliator important for protein synthesis.

    The next category is natural testosterone boosters (this is only for men over 24, under that age it will have no effect). These are safe. They range from weak herbal boosters (ie: tribulus and ZMA) to strong such as Aromatase inhibitors (hyperdrol and testobolan). Always do reseacrh on the product before considering these though.

    Finally there are prohormones and designer steroids. THESE ARE VERY DANGEROUS. They can destroy your liver and kidneys as well as shutdown your endocrine system. I highly recommend you stay away from these. These have very similar names to some stronger testosterone boosters so make sure to research any product before you buy it.

    Hope this helps, if you have any questions about diet, exercises, or supplement feel free to send me a message.

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    Make sure you're eating natural peanut butter(not that jiffy crap). Once in while switch it out for say raw almonds or almond butter.

    I suggest you try to eat atleast 4 meals a day. I usually shoot for 6. I'm 5'11 over 185. So believe me brother I know eating for mass can be tough. (I'm coming up from a 126 lbs.).

    Thing is with bodyweight workouts you will plateau eventually. So you will need to add more resistance some how or do harder variations and so forth. heavy weights and low reps don't necessarily build the most mass. 6+reps using moderate to heavy weights does(size/strength). Especially 12-15 rep area(hypertrophy rep range).

    use to see how much calories you burn in a day. You will need to eat atleast 500-800 over that to see muscle gain. You will probably need to increase it a little more here and there depending if gains halt

    What I have been doing is just counting protein. I shoot for 2xBW.

    you'll probably be fine with 1.5 X BW.

    Stay with it consistency is key. Soon enough you will find what works for you through trial and error.

    If you want the best progress though, joining a real gym would be your best bet. Atleast going 3-4 times doing some for of upper/lower body split or more of a bodybuilding split 2 way or 3 way.

    holla at me if you need any help with anything.

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  • Jayne
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    um, to be honest, 'm not sure if exercise will help that much with cellulite... you should go to a high quality spa to get treatments and there are also some available at CVS or Walmart you can try those too! As far as exercise goes, I would power walk on the treadmill for 30 min on an incline of at least 8, that way you will tone up your legs and get rid of any excess fat there. Good luck! :)

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  • Kael M
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    Do inclined dumbbell presses in a chair with the dumbbells. Think bench press with one in each hand. They give you a good work out. Shoulder presses with dumb bells, regular and inverted curls with curling bar.

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