What is the difference between Reconstructionist and Reform Judaism?

I was just wondering what the differences are between the two branches in both social and religious issues. As I had said in another question I am gay so I need to attend where I can fit in. I haven't been to shul since I was a little and I went to a conservative one when I would visit my grandparents in the summers.

Thanks in advance for your answers...you guys have been so patient and great!

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    Both Reform and Reconstructionist branches are accepting. I was also raised Conservative and only decided to identify myself as Reconstructionist because of the social activism that they do. I find Recon to be a bit more traditional religiously than Reform, but a lot depends on the congregation. I also got involved in Reconstructionism when I started to attend a few chavurahs. I liked the down to earth feel of the services. It felt more direct - a personal relationship with G-d.

    Check out the following links: http://www4.jrf.org/reconstructionism and http://reformjudaism.org/

    Talk to a few Rabbis of each and attend a few services. As I said - it's often the congregation or the Rabbi that makes you feel the most comfortable. I actually felt more comfortable in an Orthodox shul when I was in New Rochelle than in the Conservative shul; the Rabbi was warm and welcoming as was the congregation. Good luck!

    BTW - my ceremony was performed by a Reconstructionist Rabbi - also lesbian.

    Edit to the poster above me: I had this discussion with my cousin - the Orthodox Rabbi of Munich. While he could not rent one of the buildings to a gay, Jewish group for an exclusively gay (or gay and Jewish) event, he said that anyone who wishes to join in the general Jewish community was welcome - a Jew is a Jew.

    Also, a good movie to check out (for those interested in Orthodox and Chassidic views) is Trembling before G-d; it's a movie about gays and lesbians who wish to balance their religious views with their sexuality. Quite a good movie. It's on Amazon and sometimes plays on HBO.

    Source(s): Reconstructionist Jew - raised Conservative
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    answer: Reform is accepting and so is Reconstructionist Judaism. There is a Recon Jew on the forum, I'll pass this along to her to explain that branch more fully than I could.

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    I'm reform and since you are gay we would accept that without question. My 14 year old brother is gay and he is very comfortable in our shul. My dad says that our job it to be good Jews and follow the commandments that G-d gave us, not lash out at others in judgment.


    Yes, us Reform JEws accept homosexulas. Infact, my dad who is a rabbi has performed many same sex marriage ceremonies. We like to have an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

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    i wasnt aware being gay in any legit following of judaism was even accepted, so i'm interested in seeing the answers.

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