10 hours stop-over at Frankfurt Main Airport... What to do?

How far is the city from the airport/ how long is the train ride?

Any nice places I can visit that are close by?

Is transportation expensive? Also, I don't speak German, so do most people speak English?

If I get out of the airport I can leave my checked in luggage in the airport right?

I have always flown non-stop before, so I actually don't know how connecting flights work in terms of checked in luggage.

Oh... I am flying through Frankfurt because it was the cheapest flight to Ireland. And my Aunt was paying for the ticket. Long layover time though.. but it would be worth it if I am able to go around in Frankfurt for a while, even just to take pictures.

Thanks again!


Thanks for all the answers so far.

I have a US passport- flying from California.

I arrive at Frankfurt 10:15 am then my flight to Ireland is at 8pm...

What are other famous spots? I want to take many pictures. =)

Thanks for all the info again! Your suggestions are making me excited!!! =)

Update 2:

I will be there near end of May... How's the weather like?


Update 3:

Thank you so much for all the detailed answers!!! =)

I found out through here that there is tour offered. Has anyone tried that? Would you recommend it? Or would it be better to just tour by myself? I thought this would be nice since there is one offered at 14.15h ( which is 2:15pm right? hehe) so I would have time to explore/ eat by myself for a couple of hours (11-2pm) then go on the tour.

t_maia20, Bojan:

Are those places mentioned in the tour near the Main square in Roemer? I wouldn't want to pay if they are just there and I can see them myself.

I am planning to take your advice and take the Metro to Roemer (there is no train stop there?)

will also buy the Frankfurt card..

Apparently, there is also tour office in Romer, is that close to the Main square? That way, I would have to go back to the Main train station.

Thanks again!!! =)



Update 4:

How far is Romer main square from Main train station?


Update 5:

Thanks for all the help!!!

I really appreciate it!!! =)

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    (Note: All of the info below assumes you are flying with a regular big daddy airline through FRA and are not using budget carriers and switching at HHN.)

    It is very easy to get into the city from the airport, just go to the train station and take the S-Bahn to the main train station (Hbf, Hauptbahnhof). Travelling time during the day should be around 20 min.

    Your checked luggage should be checked right through. Walk off the plane with nothing but your hand luggage, go into the city, then return to board your connecting flight. The staff of the airport will (hopefully) put your bags on the right plane.

    As for when to come back: You should be at the main train station enroute to the airport about 2 hours before departure because you need to go through security again and get your boarding pass for the second leg of your flight.

    Unfortunately you did not tell us your citizenship, so here is a diagram of the countries whose citizens can enter Germany visa-free.


    What to see: You can find lots of information on the two sites http://www.frankfurt.de and http://www.frankfurt-tourismus.de .

    Most of the sights are around the bridge Eiserner Steg, between the Underground stops Hauptwache, Konstablerwache, Willi-Brandt-Platz and the street Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse.(Click Frankfurt.de - Tourism - Sightseeing -Virtual City Tour.)

    Info on local public transport can be found at http://www.rmv.de/ and a map of inner city transport lines at


    A one-way ticket to Hbf should be 3,70 EUR, but I recommend that you get the so-called Frankfurt Card for 8,70 EUR (free travel on public transport foe the day within the inner city and to and from the airport plus discounts for museums, free map, etc).

    There is a selling point for the Frankfurt Card at the airport at Terminal 1: Arrival hall B and a tourist information point at the main train station.

    Personal recommendation: I really liked the Jewish museum. It is at Untermainkai 14 - 15, not too far from the other sights like Römer. Like you I had a few hours to kill in Frankfurt, despite the museum being quite small I did not regret going there at all.

    EDIT: Squeaky P, Ireland is not part of Schengen - see the link with the visa-info. I remember meeting a guy from Indonesia who was flying into London via Frankfurt. He had the smart idea to request a stop-over for 3 days because he wanted to see Heidelberg. He was stuck in FRA airport for the full 3 days since he neglected to get a Schengen visa before departure. Like you he assumed that having access to the EU (UK visa) was enough.

    2nd EDIT: holders of US-passports can enter visa-free for the purpose of short-term tourism

    Weather in May will be unpredictable, it can be warm and sunny but also cool and rainy. Expect temps between 60 F and 85 F. Dress in layers (jeans, t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt, jacket) and bring an umbrella to be safe.

    3rd Edit: The main square with Römer and everything is not very far from main train station, it is a 20-30 min walk from the main train station to the Iron Bridge (=Eiserner Steg).

    The tour offered to you through the tourist office should have the same highlights as in the Virtual City Tour, so you could see everything on your own. But note that you do not pay the tour guide for showing you the things, you pay for having him/her explaining the things you see. So it could be really worth going on the tour. And seeing as they are motorised chances are high they will take you to some other places too, not just the old city.

    As for getting to Römer (spell it Roemer if you do not have o-umlaut) from the main train station: Take U 4 or U 5 to either Willi-Brandt-Platz (1 stop)or Dom/Römer (2 stops) - see the blue line at http://www.traffiq.de/fm/20/traffiQ_Innenstadtkart... . Alternatively there is also tram (or is it a bus?) no. 11 and 12 that go from Hbf to Römer, see the orange line (get off at the 3rd stop).

    You can also take the S-Bahn from the airport directly into the city without changing at the main train station, all you have to do is use S 8 or S 9 when travelling from the airport into the city and get off at S-Bahn stop Hauptwache (see the green line on the map).

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    Frankfurt Airport Tour

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    Leave you luggage in the storage at the airport, jump on the train, and go to the city. The train ride is cheap and it takes only 11 minutes.

    Do not miss the opportunity to do so. Frankfurt is one of those cities that you can see and enjoy in half a day. The sights are in a compact area around the main square (Roemer).

    Once you get to the main train station you can save time by getting onto the metro and going directly to the main square.

    Everything you could wish to see is within a 15 minute walking radius from there. Catch the skyline from one of the bridges south of the square, east of the square is St. Bartholomeus' Cathedral, west of the square is the European Central Bank building with the euro sign, then you can walk through the shopping streets north of the square to the Alte Oper (the old opera house), etc. Spend at least an hour on the Roemer square itself. I strongly suggest having lunch at the old-style restaurant in one of the old buildings on the Roemer. The best food and atmosphere I experienced in Germany. Then when you are all done you can get back on the metro, the train, and you are back at the airport in no time.

    You can check the train times at:


    Good luck and have a great time.

    Source(s): Visited Frankfurt many times.
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    Frankfurt is a dynamic and international financial and deal good town with the most imposing skyline in Germany and is one of many places that you'll require to see, a minumum of one time and that place hotelbye will help you. Frankfurt is a town in the heart of Germany and Europe and is really a city that will provide many facets and diverse variety. In one's heart of Frankfurt's Old Town you will find a place well worthwhile, the Römerberg.The Römerberg can be an irregularly designed square with the Justice Fountain at their center. Not only could it be Frankfurt's many picturesque public square, it's the city's busiest pedestrian zone, home to varied tourist attractions from its several Kulturschirn (a form of open-fronted store when common through the entire old town) to the Römer, a complicated of 11 wonderful previous buildings from the 15th to 18th centuries offering the Old Town Hall with its Imperial Hall, after the world of splendid banquets. Different notable structures include the New Town Hall, the 14th-century Gothic Church of St. Leonhard, and St. Nicholas Church, notable because of its carillon.

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    When you check in your luggage, the Airline should put it through till Ireland. But ask for sure when you check your luggage in. In Frankfurt, many people can speak basic English, so you shouldn't worry about it. Especially younger people grew up with basic English from School as well as they are used to it in Frankfurt anyway, as there are many Military families from United States. You also should be able to keep your carry-on luggage on a safe place on the Airport. Ask the Information desk about it as well as you can ask them about transportation's to Downtown. The Airport crew is more than likely able to talk in English.

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    i know that airport thats where i fly all the time...lol. see im from germany. yes the people at the airport do speak english. i say get a taxi and just drive around. when you arrive there ask them about your checked in luggage. chances are there that they will be put on the next plane then.

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    t_maia 20's information is very accurate. I've done it as well. I would ignore the part about the visa's though because if you are going to Ireland, you already have access to Germany too.

    Keep in mind if you are flying from the west coast of the USA, you are going to be VERY tired when you get there. make sure you allocate time for rest.

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    run around the airport and look at all the fun gift shops that they have because they wont be simlilar to those of america. also taste some of the foods there.

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