Any scrabble tips?


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    Here are a few tips that may help you.

    One of the best things you can do to become better at Scrabble is to read a lot - that will improve your vocabulary. It also helps to buy a Scrabble dictionary so that you will notice some little known words that you can use.

    Learn the list of all the two letter words. They can be very important to getting a good score in Scrabble.

    There are of course basic things like planning ahead to get as many double and triple letter and word scores as possible.

    Pay close attention to the letters s, r, and d. They can often be added to the end of a word already on the board and can help you get scores for two or more words in one turn. Be wise in your use of these letters.

    Pay close attention to those little spaces on the board where you can sometimes make several small words at the same time by placing just a couple of letters. You can often get very good scores this way.

    Be careful to not open up double and triple letter and word scores for your opponent. But also look ahead and plan situations for yourself - try to set up situations where you can take advantage of those spaces.

    Play anagrams as practice. This will help your Scrabble skills as you get better at finding more words from one group of letters.

    Play as often as you can and with different people. One of the best ways to improve your skills is to play with a number of people who are better than you. You will learn strategies from them, and you will also learn new words.

    Get computer scrabble. It will help you improve your skills and help you learn new words.

    Best of luck and have fun.

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    2 words: RACK MANAGEMENT.

    Often people will play the first word they see. And the first word they see will usually involve your easiest-to-use letters, while leaving the problematic letters on your rack so they continue to limit your options for turn after turn after turn.

    If you have, for instance, 3 I's, you MUST play at least one of them, unless you have an absolutely devastating play that unfortunately doesn't use one of the I's up.

    Every turn is an opportunity to improve your rack by selectively playing out the worst tiles you have (even if it takes extra thinking to come up with a play that'll do this) - and if you make this a priority, you'll obviously have fewer nightmare situations and will be able to put up better numbers on the scoreboard.

    Source(s): Me - successful tourney player.
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    Go online to and download the two and three letter words. Memorize the two letter ones first..... there are some new ones like Qi, Ki, Fe ..... then work on the the three letter words.

    You want to make several words at the same time on each play by attaching with an s. I try to always make at least two words on each play and it will really increase your score.

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    I find I have to fight the temptation to use an unusual or rare word just to show how smart I am rather than stick to the word that will give me the most points.

    In the end, it's the points that count!

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  • 1 decade ago

    look into a scrabble dictionary and try to memerize big words but easy to remeber when i play i am the queen

  • 7 years ago

    Ya, use to find words.

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