What are some cool/random facts?

Just wondering, wat are some facts that you think are cool, random, weird, what ever.

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    Sales of condoms increase 20 to 30% on the days preceding and including Valentine’s Day.

    A flea can jump up to 13 inches which is about 200 times the length of its own body. This would equate to a 900 foot jump by a six-foot man!

    Wint-O-Green Life Savers will spark (when you bite or hammer them) in the dark.

    There are over 14 TRILLION UNUSED flyer MILES.

    The Starbucks coffee chain is named after the first mate, Starbuck, in Herman Melville’s classic novel, ‘Moby Dick.’

    In the largest U.S. cities, the number of indoor tanning salons is greater than that of the number of Starbucks or McDonalds.

    The very first fast food chain to introduce a drive up service window was Jack In the Box in 1951.

    On average, Americans consume 350 slices of pizza per second.

    Left-handed people with college educations earn 10 to 15 percent more than their right-handed counterparts (after accounting for other determinants of pay—age, intelligence, marital status, and race and ethnicity).

    The Thirty Years’ War lasted 30 years.

    The Hundred Years’ War lasted 116 years.

    Panama Hats are made in Ecuador.

    Catgut comes from sheep and horses.

    Russians celebrate the October Revolution in November.

    A camel's hair brush is made of squirrel fur.

    The Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean are named after dogs.

    A purple finch is actually crimson.

    Georgia is the only U.S. state named after a king – England's King George II.

    Georgia’s nickname, The Peach State,’ may be a misnomer. Both California (#1) and South Carolina (#2) each produce more peaches annually than Georgia (#3).

    The state of Wyoming is named after the Wyoming Valley in northeastern Pennsylvania.

    The MOST densely populated state in the U.S. is New Jersey with an average of 1,143.9 people per square mile.

    The LEAST densely populated state in the U.S. is Alaska with an average of 1.1 people per square mile.

    Alaska has 33,904 miles of coastline.

    Kaskaskia, Illinois, Illinois' first state capital, is WEST of the Mississippi River. The rest of Illinois lies EAST of the Mississippi River.

    The Cincinnati, Ohio airport is in Kentucky.

    The Statue of Liberty is in New Jersey.

    You can snow ski and snowboard in Hawaii.

    Approximately 37% or almost 4 out of 10 people in the U.S. live within 100 miles of the coast.

    New Hampshire has the highest per capita consumption of spirits - 3.6 gallons per person annually, on average.

    North Dakota has the highest per capita consumption of beer.

    Residents of the District of Columbia have the highest per capita consumption of wine (no surprise here).

    West Virginia has the LOWEST per capita consumption of wine.

    Utah, ‘Mormon Country,’ has the LOWEST per capita consumption of both spirits and beer. (no surprise here)

    The United States is the third most populous country but its 300,000,000+ residents represent slightly less than 5% of the world’s 6.35 billion people.

    Americans spend an average 38 hours a year sitting in traffic that wastes an estimated 26 gallons of gasoline per person – Los Angeles metropolitan drivers waste the most gas sitting in traffic for 78 hours per year.

    Americans, on average, spend 18% of their income on transportation as compared to only 13% spent on food.

    Fed Ex delivers 6,000,000, (6 million) packages a day

    Seven Lego sets are sold every second by retailers worldwide.

    A Barbie Doll is sold every three seconds worldwide.

    80% of all the wine consumed in the U.S. is consumed by 11% of those people who drink alcoholic beverages.

    All 50 states in the USA have wineries.

    California is largest wine producer in the USA followed by New York State (#2) and Washington State (#3).

    Bourbon is the official spirit of the United States by Act of Congress in 1964.

    Chicago, Illinois has the most bars per capita of any major city.

    Approximately 400,000 people each year are bitten by venomous snakes; approximately half of them will die. (The majority of these people live in Asia and Africa.)

    The only venomous WATER snake in the U.S. is the Cottonmouth (aka Water Moccasin) that is indigenous to the deep south. It got its name from the fact that the inside of its mouth is as ‘white as cotton.’

    Since 2006 in the USA, there have been and continue to be five motor vehicle fatalities every hour, on average.

    Every 105 minutes, on average, there is an accident with a motor vehicle and a train at a grade crossing somewhere in the world. In the USA, there is an accident with a train and a motor vehicle at a grade crossing every 5 hours, on average.

    According to a study by the nation's largest auto insurer, the greatest percentage of accidents occur between 3 PM and 6 PM on Fridays.

    One-third (33%) of all teenagers will have an automobile accident within one year of obtaining their driver’s license.

    According to a Paul Harvey broadcast and various web sources, a study of 40 groups/occupations showed that the WORST drivers are students (#1), followed by medical doctors (#2), then lawyers (#3), architects (#4) and real estate agents (#5). The BEST drivers in this study were homemakers (#5), politicians (#4), pilots (#3), firemen (#2) and the best drivers…………….FARMERS (#1). (I agree. I can’t recall the last time I saw a head on collision that involved two tractors :) :):))

    The rear middle seat (on the ‘hump’) is the safest seat in the car – 16% safer than any other seat in a car. Riding in the back seat is 59% to 89% safer than riding in the front seat.

    Results of a 17- year study showed that cars painted white were less likely to be involved in accidents than cars of any other color. Compared with white cars in daylight hours, black cars had a 12% higher crash risk; gray, 11%; silver 10%; blue and red, 7%. At dawn or dusk, black cars had a 47% higher crash risk than white cars; gray, 25%; silver, 15%. (Other car colors (such as yellow & orange) were not included as their low numbers would not provide accurate, statistical analysis.)

    Cell phone usage while driving is responsible for 6% of all accidents (to say nothing of the much higher percentage of ‘near misses’).

    The three deadliest days in the U.S. for pedestrians have been January 1, December 23 and October 31.

    The average life of a cell phone is 18 months.

    As of December 2008, 1 in every 6 homes in the U.S.A. had no land line telephone service.

    Walmart is the second largest employer is the U.S. (The U.S. Government is #1.)

    Annually, more steel in the U.S. is used to make bottle caps than is used in the manufacture of automobiles. (SOURCE: History Channel – Modern Marvels – STEEL)

    The very first VIDEO CONFERENCE telephone call was made in 1927 by President Herbert ‘A chicken in every pot’ Hoover from his office in Washington, DC to New York City.

    The very first college football game was played on November 6, 1869 in which Rutgers University defeated Princeton University by a score of 6 to 4 at Rutgers’ campus in New Brunswick, NJ.

    The most-lopsided game in the history of college football occurred on October 7, 1916 when the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets defeated the Cumberland College (now University) Bulldogs of Tennessee by a final score of 222 to 0.

    The very first televised football game, pro or college, took place September 30, 1939 when the Fordham University Rams of New York defeated the Waynesburg College (now University) Yellow Jackets of Pennsylvania by a score of 34-7.

    The average length of a player’s career in the NFL is 3 ½ years.

    “Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud” is the brand name of the ONE and ONLY rubbing mud that is used by ALL major and minor league baseball teams and some colleges to rub up baseballs to remove the new ball shine/sheen before games. No other mud will do. It is ‘harvested’ from a secret location in a New Jersey tributary of the Delaware River.

    The official language of Brazil is Portuguese

    80% of all the lead used in the USA is contained in car batteries

    James A. Garfield, one of four U.S. Presidents who was assassinated (in 1881), often entertained his houseguests with his parlor trick of SIMULTANEOUSLY writing classic Greek with his right hand and writing in classic Latin with his left hand. (Don’t try this in your home.)

    The ‘black boxes’ in commercial airplanes are orange.

    21% of all American households own FIVE pets or more (60% of households own at least one pet.)

    American women, on average, spend 55 minutes a day getting showered, dressed, and groomed.

    Diners Club issued the very first credit card in 1950 but it was not plastic. It was printed on heavy cardstock. BankAmerica issued the first bank credit card, BankAmericard (now VISA), in 1958.

    Deaths for babies under one year of age have quadrupled in the USA in the last 20 years. (It’s not due to SIDS but rather to the ever-increasing number parents who sleep in the same bed with their infants.)

    1 in 7 or almost 14% of adult Americans are illiterate.

    18% or almost 1 in 5 married couples in the U.S. fail to reach their 5th anniversary.

    1 in every 100 American ADULTS is now in jail or prison (91% are male and 9% female).

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    there are 39 parts per million of radioactivity in the average piece of concrete

    there is a crab that will attach itself to the tongue of a red snapper, suck out all of the blood until the tongue falls off, the attach itself to that area as a replacement tongue.

    there is a cater on mars that has a smiley face in it

    i'm wearing 3 pairs of underwear right now

    cracked.com is full of cool, weird, and random facts

    my dad is marrying my ex girlfrind

    Theodore "teddy" Roosevelt was the first person to say "Good to the last drop." after having his first cup of Maxwell house coffee

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    Technically speaking Alaska is the northernmost, westernmost, and easternmost state of the United States. Parts of the Aleutian Islands cross over the 180th meridian.

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    If an alligator egg gets above 94 degrees temperature, it bursts. (That's why they put the eggs in or near the water)

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    Try this one - in a recent nationwide poll some 63% of Americans said that they believed that everything in the Bible was literally true. If that is not both weird and scary it is difficult to imagine anything worse.

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    Urine from male cape water buffaloes is so flammable that some tribes use it for lantern fuel.

    I thought it was pretty weird!

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    If it smells like chicken, looks like chicken, and tastes like chicken but Chuck Norris says it's ham, then it's ******* ham.

    Now that's effed up.

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    Milk is heavier than cream.

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