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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleOther - Beauty & Style · 1 decade ago

What to look like on a date to the movies?

what should i look like (wear, hair, shoes, makeup, jewelry). And please don't suggest skinny jeans because i have "bird legs". I have dark brown chest length hair and brown eyes and pale skin. thanx


im 5'6'' i have big eyes and semi-full lips. Im a healthy weight. i dont look anorexic but im not fat

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    ok. on my 1st date to the movies all i wore was a sweatshirt and jeans but im guessing you want to be a little more dressed up. so i would suggest just a regular pair of cute jeans and like for shoes just about anything,flats, casual tennis shoes like converse or flip flops. dont wear earings! if you lean on the guys chest ur earings could get caught on his shirt! major embarrasmnt. a necklace or bracelet would be cute. for a top just wear a flattering t shirt or long sleeved shirt, something that is casual but shows you off a little bit. and for makeup, dont go all out, just look natural. and for your hair just wear it down straightened or wavy or however u can make it look without looking like you tried really hard to look nice.

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    go with something casual an warm but at the same time sensual, like some dark jeans not to tight with a baby doll style shirt if you dont know what that is google baby doll tops. works, if you have some casual heels go with those or a nice pair of flats, as for the hair let it hang down, if you have curly hair, straighten it and than use a curling iron and put some heavy/ loose curls in it, if you have straight hair than still go with the curls. make up, use brown eye liner but dont apply to heavy, take some dark shadow and gently fade it from the edge of your eye lids up towards the brow making a sexy over shadow, and put on some lip gloss. jewlery go with some subtle earings and maybe a bracelet or ring that goes with you top.

    sorry such a long answer i hope this helps.. ROCK IT GIRL!

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    The movies are a great place for a date. What you wear doesn't really matter, but don't go dressed up like a hobo. Wear a cute, possibly tight, nice colored shirt. Also wear jeans, u really cant wear anything other than tight as a girl. But the BEST thing u can do is wear a very nice perfume. When you sit together he'll want to smell it on you, def get his attention.

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    We (here on yahoo) can't really tell you, but i'll give you some suggestions..

    Hair could be in a pony with like a headband, or straight down with some clips or a very skinny headband..

    white hoop earrings, and a bracelet.

    Black jeans, or dark blue would look pretty.. :)

    Maybe like, a really nice top that's red && black or something.. :)

    Shoes? It depends what you have...?


    You have to apply it good though haha :P

    Eyeliner (black or brown)

    Glossy pink lip gloss

    a natural light pink blush

    whatever eye shadow that goes with your look

    mascara that opens your eyes up

    and yeah! :)

    I hope I some what helped you, good luck! (:

    and, have fun! Tell us what you end up wearing if you want too ;)

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    Wear a summer dress over a white shirt and a matching necklace with stud earrings, and sandals. I don't know what part of the U.S where you live but where I live it is warm.Wear light colored jeans if you are skinny because it will take away a little of you "bird leg" affect. everyone doesn't have to wear skinny jeans.

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    OK. Lets see if you like any of my ideas (:

    Bottoms: Either a cute pair of jeans (the ones you feel most comfortable in) or shorts. If you go with shorts make sure they are not too short not to long

    Top: If you go with shorts try a cute button down shirt like the ones from hollister with a matching cami under it and only button the middle button or a cute shirt maybe graphic or just a plain shirt. If you go with pants try just a really cute shirt.

    Shoes: Flip flops, they are casual and go with anything!

    Makeup: use warm tones, but still match your outfit. Use mascara and eyeliner (not to heavy) a shine lip gloss or a Light pink gloss always looks good. (make sure your eyebrows look good too) and just foundation, keep it simple

    Hair: I suggest straightening it with clipping up your bangs, it stays down and it wont get in your face (:

    Ect: Use simple Diamond earings and a ring maybe a silver necklace would be adorable!

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    pants- how about a pair of straight leg jeans that have light shading on the sides to fill you out?

    shirt- i think that a bright colored blouse with some sort of small design on it. don't wear blue because your dark hair and pale skin will make you look washed out. try spring green

    shoes- if your jeans are dark, gold gladiator sandals will look great. if they are lighter, try girly black heels, but don't make yourself too tall =]]

    makeup- copper eyeliner, pale gold shadow, black mascara, VERY light rose blush w/ a little bronzer, and matte lipstick that matches your blush.

    wear small sparkly earrings, and a matching necklace and/or bracelet.

    hope i helped :)

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    wear regular straight leg jeans ballet flats a cute print shirt and a jacket, wear ur hair straight and stud earrings and maybe a necklace and bracelet dont wear a lot of make up only like eyeliner and chap stick

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    A skinny gal is always to work with:

    Flowy shirts? i'm expecting a tad bit of a flat chest to match the skinniness:

    Also in green

    Skirts i definitely recommend:


    Makeup: Some dark purple eyeliner maybe? Gray will probably do fine if you don't want to draw to much attention to them.

    Too much makeup can turn a guy off.





    A wavy ponytail?

    [except for a prettier face]

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    wear tight jeans and a sweater. wear any kind of sneakers that look good w/ your outfit.

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