How to become a good car driver in a short time?

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i took the license but i feel like i need to experience more shall i take more lessons or what please advise me?
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Well that's a good attitude and will help a lot gaining you more experience. More new drivers should think like you. And its true, your real-world learning will begin now.

One of the best things that I can think of is to practice "dangerous" driving, in a safe enviornment. Like, after a snowstorm, go into a snowcovered parking lot and practice skidding and fishtailing. You don';t have to go fast but just get the car in a low speed skid and learn how to fell it when it happens and even how to recover from it. Be sure the lot doesn't have those cement parking bumpers, though, and practice in the center, away from obstacles.

Or go to one of those racing schools and sign up for a few lessons, They can teach you about skidding and recovery and lots of other great useful stuff.

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Yes , more new drivers should think like that of coarse , thank you
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  • Wayne the main brain McClain answered 5 years ago
    just drive around for a bit, it will come to you
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  • countrybuddyischillin answered 5 years ago
    drivin a car is so easy, but you must pay attention, which young kids dont have a lot of patience
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  • lordoftheluis24 answered 5 years ago
    Obviously, focus on the road, but mainly try to avoid using a cell phone while driving. Causes lots of accidents.
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  • Unholycinna answered 5 years ago
    Practice. Practice. Practice.
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  • Man of the Hour answered 5 years ago
    First you need to relax. Being a good drive doesn't happen over night. But what you can do is relax. Often times accidents happen in stressful situations. The sole reason is because it takes you mind off the road. Don't worry about the radio, your friends and the other distractions. You need to focus on your surrounding that impact your driving.
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  • UCANTCME answered 5 years ago
    If you don’t have the right attitude, it won't matter how much knowledge or skill you have; you won't be a consistently good driver; because your attitude will keep letting you down.

    You will have to work very hard at changing it, which I'm sure can be done.

    Your aim is to stay calm and tolerant in all situations.
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