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Okay, so where do I get my taxes done?

I want to use TurboTax, but I don't want to have to pay anything, because I know the return I get probably wouldn't be worth the money and I don't have (or want) a credit card so online payment would be impossible... whew! ... I read TurboTax's rules and agreements and have heard that if you want to print anything out, you have to pay... which mean's Turbo Tax isn't free (those filthy liars). I just want my taxes done free and, um, now, so what's my best bet?

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    turbo tax is free if you have a simple return to don't need to print anything out if you're e-filing it will be sent electronically(through the computer)and if you needed to print something out to mail in it would be free.i'm not sure where or who you're getting this bogus info from.

    go to and click on free file on the left of the page in green and blue letters then click on "i will choose a company" and turbo tax freedom edition will be a choice you can choose or any of the others listed.

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    Turbo Tax aren't liars. A simple federal return is completely free, and you can print out as many copies of it as you want.

    If you want them to do your state taxes, they'll charge a fee, but as far as I know you can just tell them to take their fee right out of your refund (I'm not completely sure about this; it's been a couple of years since I was in this situation). If you don't want to pay them, see if your state's Web site offers any free filing alternatives. Or just print out the form at the state Web site and do it yourself by hand. That will only cost you 42 cents for the stamp!

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