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any facts about Elizabethan theatre?

any true facts about Elizabethan theatre

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    Theatre was pretty new in Shakespeare's time. The first commercial theatre in the world (The Bull Inn) was opened when Shakespeare was already fourteen years old, and the word 'theatre' was invented by James Burbage, who built the second one.

    James Burbage had one of the first theatre companies, and when his son Richard took over the family business one of the first things he did was to hire a young actor from Stratford called William Shakespeare.

    The Elizabethan stage had next to no scenery (this is why Shakespeare changes scene so easily , and also why so many of his speeches tell you what is going on around the characters), but the companies spent a lot of money on costumes and props.

    There is lots more information at the link.

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    Elizabethan Theatre Facts

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    Elizabethan Theater Facts

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    any facts about Elizabethan theatre?

    any true facts about Elizabethan theatre

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    Look up: Edward Spencer (1552-99). He was well like by Queen Elizabeth. She once gave him 100 pounds for a well known poem he wrote; The Faere Queen. Also Ben Johnson (1572-1637), though i believe may fall out of the realm of the Elizabethan Era, he is a very interesting play writer that is known for his temper. And of coarse William Shakespeare (1564-1616).

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    One fact you should NOT overlook: the public loved attending plays and productions, but they hated being involved with any of the persons involved with the plays or productions.

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    the ladies gowns were very feminine

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