What is Madam Rosmerta's full name?

In the Harry Potter series, what is the full name of the barmaid of the three broomsticks?

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    Madam Rosmerta is the landlady of The Three Broomsticks pub. She is described in the books as "a curvy sort of woman"; several pupils therefore have a crush on her. In Prisoner of Azkaban, Madam Rosmerta is angered when Dementors were in Hogsmeade because their presence is scaring away many of her customers. Apart from hosting an informal meeting between McGonagall, Cornelius Fudge, Filius Flitwick, and Hagrid, and being the object of Ron's infatuation, she does not play a major role in the early part of the Harry Potter series.

    In Half-Blood Prince, however, it emerges that, in order to fulfil his mission to assassinate Dumbledore, Draco has managed to place Rosmerta under the Imperius Curse. He uses her to pass on a cursed necklace to Hogwarts student Katie Bell, who accidentally touches the necklace and is herself subjected to the very harmful curse intended for the Headmaster. He also commands her to send a bottle of poisoned mead to Horace Slughorn intending it to be a Christmas present for Dumbledore after overhearing Hermione mentioning that the security on the school would not recognise something put in the wrong bottle and knowing that a package from Rosmerta would not be checked. Malfoy communicates with Rosmerta through enchanted fake Galleons. After Harry and Dumbledore had been to the cave to retrieve a locket they believed to be one of Voldemort's Horcruxes, they Apparated to Hogsmeade, where Madam Rosmerta alerts them to the presence of the Dark Mark above the school and gives them brooms on which they could travel rapidly back to Hogwarts, where Draco's plan could be brought to completion. Rosmerta is among those paying respects at Dumbledore's funeral.

    Julie Christie appeared as Madam Rosmerta in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

    No other details of her full name are available

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    Madam Rosmerta

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